How to get your brand recognition on point Oscars style

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How to get your brand recognition on point Oscars style



When emotions about 91st Academy Awards calmed down a little bit, it’s time to take a closer look at one of the most popular annual events during the year. Among tons of perfectly tailored dresses and suit, in between hot stars of the movie industry, there’s a unique marketing strategy that entrepreneurs can learn from. In this article, I’ll draw some lessons on the musts in brand awareness campaign based on the Oscars case.

Live events for years prove that they can play the lead in terms of increasing brand value and brand recognition. The same applies to gatherings that took hold in modern pop culture for good.

The Oscars – an event with tradition and business potential

There’s probably only two events that every year keep millions waiting in thrill. SuperBowl – with its halftime show and bets put on what ads are prepared by top companies. Then, we have the Oscars. Since 1929, the event gathers stars and puts all possible efforts to make the ceremony an exclusive night full of splendor and the best quality entertainment. However, when it comes to sports events like SuperBowl the brand recognition benefits are clear and commonly praised,  the brand value profits that go with the Academy Awards are harder to spot.

The Academy year by year spent truly eye-watering budgets for advertisement and organization of the most glamorous party of the year. Thinking about Awards as a part of the event marketing strategy of the Oscars brand, there’s a lot to learn about dealing with a brand awareness campaign. Let’s see how to bolster your brand value – the Oscar style.


Oscars style brand awareness campaign – takeaways from the Academy Awards

If you’d ask a random stranger to answer a question of what the Oscars are really about, the first thing that would pop to the mind would be the movie awards. However, among the glittery surroundings, there’s a layer of enormous marketing and brand exposition chances. Letting alone the fact that events are now seen as the best way to improve business strategy, the opportunities to hype up your brand also lie within some Oscars style techniques which you can adjust to your own company’s needs.

1. The event sponsors that provide an added value

Even such a huge event like the Academy Awards need to reach for the help of sponsors. Now, the organizers of the show won’t go with simply money providers. As the event works for its repute managers go for equally well-perceived cooperation. The example can be JCPenney, the official retail sponsor of the show. They not only used the event to kickstart their spring campaign in 2015 but also provided an interactive game during the ceremony for those who, while watching it on tv, used other devices like smartphones or laptops. By participating in the game viewers could contribute to supported by JCPenney charities (you can learn more here).


How can you transfer this Oscar style idea on your brand awareness campaign? When working on extending your brand recognition on the market think of participating in events as a sponsor. However, remember to provide some additional value for attendees. Make sure your campaign brings positive and memorable experiences because that is what will work for your further profits.

2. The Oscars’ fans that drive the advertising value of the event


When dealing with an event of such scale like the Oscars, you get access to the multi-billion audience. Film industry enthusiasts all around the world are joined by celebrity spotters and those who simply follow the traditional world-known ceremony. Therefore, Academy Awards are a perfect opportunity to throw some advertisement content to an enormous target group.

The publicity surrounding the Oscars increased in recent years. As an effect, more and more people are willing to watch the ceremony live. Automatically, the more viewers the broadcast gathers, the more money goes to the Academy’s pocket from selling the advertising space. The sources claim that in 2017 ABC generated about $128 million from the commercials tied to the red carpet and ceremony broadcast. The rumor has it that the prices for advertisement time during this year’s Academy Awards estimated between $2 and $3 million for a 30-second ad. Is it really that much when you think about the brand recognition you can get worldwide?


Now, following the Oscars example, it’s clear that sometimes it’s not worth to stint on advertising expenses. Good publicity can make wonders for brand awareness campaign so look for events with proper renown to put your brand’s ad there. Being associated with large events automatically will improve the perception of your company in prospects minds. However, be sure that you’re aiming at the right people with your ads. After all, not every popular event will attract the target group you want to reach.

3.  The red carpet full of walking ambassadors

The Oscars never have been just about awarding the key players and products of the film industry. Almost equally important and buzz making is the red carpet part with fancy, customized and tailored dresses and suits of those who have been lucky enough to attend the ceremony. Often, it’s the celebrities outfits that get the most attention from the worldwide audience and press corps. Among this madness, there is the one classic red carpet correspondent’s question “Who are you wearing today?”

That’s the very apogee of the most powerful brand awareness campaign that takes place at the Oscars. The iconic fashion brands are beating the bushes to be able to provide a custom outfit for one of the nominees or at least the Academy Awards attendee. Then, world-known names walk around the venue, looking like gods and goddesses and guess what they do. They proudly express their delight to wear this exact brand. Imagine how big influence such live advertisement has on brand recognition and how it can improve the brand value.


You can say “right, but it’s about clothes, it’s easier”. Sure, but you can still use this idea in your business. Nowadays, one of the best ways to increase brand recognition is to use put it out to the world through the barns ambassadors. Find representative people who’ll enjoy using your brand’s product, whatever it is, and will spread the good word about it. Also, your customers can become your brand ambassadors, if the service will meet their expectations, so make sure you’re doing your best to learn their needs. Trust me, the authentic advertisement that comes from reviews and product exposition can make wonders for the brand value.

4. The mysterious giftbag full of exclusive freebies

Last but not least, the famous Oscars Giftbag. It’s another aspect of Academy Awards that year by year intrigues everyone who follows the event. What is so unique about this freebie bag that it gets so much attention every time the event is near? There’s no surprise – it’s exclusiveness.

While the invitation to the awards ceremony is an honor itself, the material gifts that come within are definitely worth to show up. The top quality of products, customized mini versions of products from the most luxurious brands, vouchers for tropical holidays – these are just a few examples that show the level of Oscar freebie bag uniqueness.

Looking at the matter from the perspective of the brands that provide the contents, it looks like the perfect way to boost their brand recognition. Not only among those who receive the gifts but also among thousands of interested in what’s in the bag. And it’s rather a long list to look into. This year, organizers gifted nominees with:

  • A luxury small-ship adventure with International Expeditions (choice of Amazon, Galapagos, Iceland or Costa Rica-Panama voyages)
  • An annual VIP membership to MOTA ― LA’s first cannabis-friendly social club
  • Private phobia relief sessions with the world’s number one phobia expert Kalliope Barlis
  • Blush & Whimsy magical color changing lipstick
  • 10 Haircare Miracle hair dryer
  • Mister Poop Emoji Plunger
  • ZuZu Kim Couture Bow Tie
  • Hands-free Safety Dog Leash

These are just some of the most intriguing examples but you can check the whole list here


Regardless of whether you’re participating in an event as a partner, you’re organizing your own conference or you’re a sponsor, don’t forget to bring the freebie bag game to a higher level. Giving participants a branded item will solidify your brand’s recognition. However, remember to make the right impression. Ensure that the quality of the gifts is good, that they will be useful for the people who will receive the gift bag. After all, you want the gadgets to be used – not thrown away. Remember, it represents your brand value so pay attention to the details.

Wrap up

While trying to get closer to the top companies, it’s good to follow only the best examples. The Oscars with its global brand can be one of them. You can always adapt the practices to your own conditions and company profile and use those event tricks to create a brand awareness campaign. Doing it Oscars style will surely help you boost your brand recognition and earn some additional points to brand value. Just remember, don’t limit yourself to mentioned examples, explore your advantages and spread the word about your brand around!