How to have a stress-free event and spend more time with your family

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How to have a stress-free event and spend more time with your family



“Event apps suck.”

Sounds silly, yet this is how I used to think.

You can’t see it differently, especially when event app and web platform companies are desperately fighting for your attention and money. At some point, you get tired of listening to how you’ll become a better event manager by buying their products.
Every dedicated planner wants to be the best, yet this was not what I was looking for.

After all the sleepless nights, stressful days, and lost weekends, the only thing I wanted was to have more time for myself and my family. Try and solve that, event app company!
However, everything changed when I started to work with Eventory.

Do you know that feeling when after hitting huge morning Starbucks lines day after day, one day you enter a small, yet cozy coffee shop—a place where people make coffee with love and don’t treat you as a random customer? This is how I felt when I found out why a small group of people created the Eventory app. It was like a breath of fresh air.

More than ten years ago, a group of friends struggled with the same planning issues I had.

  • They agonized each time keynote speakers missed their flights and there was no way to make changes in the already printed schedules.
  • They had to update dozens of spreadsheets because of last-minute changes.
  • They worked until 3 or 4 a.m. the night before the event to ensure that every single detail was in its place.
  • They stopped enjoying their work because of the tiredness and demanding schedule.
  • They had no times for their families.

How sustainable is that? Not very. So they had to come up with a solution.

After dozens of trials and errors, they succeeded. The Eventory team created a stress-free event app for internal use. Finally, they could relax and have fun while planning conferences, meetings, or festivals.

Later, Eventory decided to go further and help other event managers to enjoy the process. Do you know what happened?

Planners loved it! Do you know why?

This app and web platform are not a product created by an IT guy who knows about event management only from handbooks. There were real planners involved in the design and the crafting of this free event app and web platform.

Eventory is a small “workshop” where people are searching continuously for new ways to add value and alleviate stress for event managers.

And this only the beginning.
With more than 1000 events around the globe, and more than 30k users, Eventory is crafting the new standards of excellence, making the events fun and easy to produce.

Join Eventory and build your own legacy!

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