Reasons why your event needs a powerful digital strategy and how to build it

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Reasons why your event needs a powerful digital strategy and how to build it



Are you a good planner?

You can answer this question by analyzing the way you manage the online presence of your event.
You see, there are two kinds of event managers:

  • Those who desperately try to be everywhere (web, blog, social media, etc.) only when it comes the time to promote their event.
  • And the wise ones.

The wise event managers will work on their digital strategy first, and only then will they decide:

  • What digital communication platforms they should use.
  • When to listen, when to talk, and when to promote the event.
  • How to use the online environment to connect with their potential attendees.
  • What event apps and event platforms to use in their online communication.

Long story short: you can’t design a successful event without having a strong digital strategy.
According to Bud Caddell, founding member of NOBL Collective, “A digital strategy is a plan to accomplish something with the benefit of digital tools.” Caddell specifies that digital strategy is about listening and responding to clients, providing brand experiences, and connecting with consumers to accomplish an actionable and measurable objective.

By designing a strong digital strategy for your event, you’ll:

  • Gain more knowledge while listening to your potential attendees
    The communication of your event is not unidirectional. First, you have to listen actively to your potential attendees, understand their needs, and then design messages that will truly resonate with them.
  • Build a better social proof
    Before buying tickets to your event, potential attendees will check for more online information. If you have a strong social presence and people notice you, chances are your event will have a bigger audience.
  • Find differentiating elements that will make your event stand out from the rest
    A good digital strategy provides new insights about what features you have to highlight if you want to present your event as unique.

So what are the first steps you need to take to build a good digital strategy?

Step 1: Design a good communication plan

You have to know who your target group is, in which online environments you will find your potential attendees, their problems and issues, the best way to reach them, and how you can build communication with them.


Step 2: Avoid the marketing hell

The biggest temptation is to create event profiles on different social media platforms. Avoid it. Your event has to reach a certain group of attendees. Identify the social media platform which your target group uses the most and focus your effort in just that one direction.


Step 3: Craft quality content

Great pieces of content have the power to increase the popularity of your event. Build your event online platforms with good content that attracts and persuades people to attend.


Wrap up

The easiest thing you can do is to create online environments for your event. Yet, don’t rush. Justify each step you take and know that a good digital strategy means a strong communication plan and in-depth knowledge about your potential attendees. Don’t lose your chance to build a powerful online presence for your event.

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