The best way to create an agenda for your next event

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The best way to create an agenda for your next event



Let’s try a quick experiment:

Step #1. Open the folder where you keep all the planning material from one of your most recent events.

Step #2. Search for the event agenda.

Step #3. And answer this question: How many event agenda document versions do you have?

You probably have lots of them, and you most likely saved the archives under names such as: “event program_final,” “event agenda_final_2” or “event agenda (last version).”

Don’t worry; as event managers, we’ve all been there.

Although it seems like the easiest thing in the world (compared to other logistical issues you face when planning an event), creating an agenda can be not only time-consuming, but also nerve-racking.

And here’s why:

Reason #1. Constant updates

How can you have the final version of an agenda, weeks before the event, when speakers may cancel their presentation in the last moment? And what if you have to change the time framework of different event dynamics because of logistical problems? You could end up with dozens of agenda versions in your computer! And of course you’ll have multiple incidents when you send emails with the wrong (old version) of the program, creating even more confusion.


Reason #2. Relevant data

Did your attendees ask any of the following questions: What’s the exact location of the event activity? Will translation services be available? What are the ending hours of each event dynamic? Simple details that usually you specify in the event agenda, yet this time you forgot because you don’t use a template.


Reason #3. Printed agendas

There’s nothing else more stressful than receiving the printed versions of the event agenda and then realizing that there’s a new last-minute update that didn’t end up in the booklet.

Well, guess what?

Apart from being truly irritating, these issues have one more thing in common: using the right event app or platform, you can easily get rid of them.

Do you have to update manually the event program (plus other hundreds of spreadsheets) each time a new change comes in? Why suffer? Automatize the process and let the system operate with real-time updates.

Do you tend to forget highlighting relevant data in the event program? Stop torturing yourself and use a pre-established template. Your only job will be to introduce the data, following the given parameters.

Do you spend incredible amounts of money on printed programs? Develop a sustainable mindset and go paperless. Encourage your attendees to download the digital agenda and check their smartphones each time they need to know what will happen next.

The best way to create an event agenda for your next event is to automatize the process and forget about it. Stop wasting your time and money. Use Eventory and effortlessly build a powerful event agenda.

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