TOP 10 event trends in 2019 and how to measure which works best for you

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TOP 10 event trends in 2019 and how to measure which works best for you



What are the ten hottest event trends for 2019? To answer this questions I have examined trends in four event-related areas. My research covered trends in event management, current trends in event planning, corporate event trends and technology trends in event management. Are you interested what are my discoveries? Do you want to know how to pick event trends that will work best in your strategy? Read the article and find the answer!

Ever-changing event industry follows new trends. It’s understandable, given that event as a marketing tool must wow the attendees. There are some evergreens in event marketing. To name a few, let’s list: the analysis of a target group followed by behavioral analysis of event attendees, meticulous budgeting and planning in advance. But that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself with them. Let’s check what will be new in 2019 to join proven trends.

2019 Trends in event management

Trend 1:  Event check-in using facial recognition

This one is a true game changer. Event check-in using facial recognition not only will woo your attendees, but also improve the pace of all check-in activities. No more barcode scanning, no more looking for confirmation emails or tickets. It reduces attendees frantic queue actions (skimming through a phone, a purse or a backpack). Just a smile at the camera, aaaaaand you’re done. Neat!

Is this trend for you?

First of all, check the possibility of the adaptation and the need for it. If you organize only internal events for employees, you won’t need such technology. However, if you hold an international conference for thousands of attendees, it might be a good call. Also, analyze your target audience and check how they react for this kind of gimmicks. If they are tech-savvy and love new technologies – you can give it a shot. When they are more traditional and do not trust new technologies, rethink this decision.

If you don’t want to go wild on this trend, at least consider switching to QR code-based check-in. Paper lists are the melody of the past – they are a huge time wasters and are liable to human mistake. Plus, they can’t be updated in real time.

Trend 2: Get better sponsors with the augmented reality

Augmented reality allows each smartphone owner to enter a new dimension of experiencing the world around him. One of the hottest event trends in 2019 will be the adaptation of this technology during events. It will attract not only interested participants, but also encourage sponsors to reach deeper into their pockets. Augmented reality will allow you to entangle the sponsor’s offer in an event story in an interesting way. For example, check how Google uses AR in Maps app:

The app can show places where users can interact with sponsors, or display their products in action.

Is this trend for you?

Analyze the profile and capabilities of your current and potential sponsors. Consider whether the companies that you want to invite to cooperation understand the potential of this technology and whether they will see value for themselves. Think if you can present the value to them in a simple way. Also, consider if the venue in which you organize the event meets the appropriate technical conditions to bear this technology.

Upcoming trends in event planning

Trend 3: Mind the security

In 2019, we will emphasize the safety issues of events. When planning an event, take a lot of time to plan the event security. It should be strengthened but don’t make it alarming for the participants. Give up dressing security guards in uniforms and putting them near the door. Instead, dress them up like normal event guests and put them in the lecture halls and the main hall so that they get mixed up in the crowd. This requires a bit more planning, but it will ensure you and your team a good night’s sleep.

Another good practice is communicating the safety risks before the event, so the participants can make proper preparations. Use multiple channels, such as email and event app, so everybody gets the notice. Send regular updates if anything changes. Also, make sure they know what procedures they should follow if anything bad happens. Keep this information always up to date with the real-time communication tool, such as Eventory event app.

Is this trend for you?

This trend will work on most medium and larger events. Find out how protection costs change if you decide to do so. Check if you have room for it in your budget. Take look at the scale of the event. In this way, you evaluate the need to apply this solution

Trend 4: Smarter, unconventional venues

Green venues are sooo 2017. The industry has bored attendees with more and more bombastic and exotic venues, so they are spoiled rotten in this matter. Currently, participants expect an unusual twist when it comes to the location of the event. The use of unconventional venues is beginning to be one of the most important current trends in event planning. Salt cathedrals, closed metro stations, museums, churches… These are all scenes for your marketing activities. The more the venue gets memorized by participants and sponsors, the greater the chance that you achieve your marketing goal. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the attendees can easily navigate through the venue. Choose a mobile application that will give everyone access to the venue map, preferably interactive.

Is this trend for you?

I have already written a lot about data-driven venue search. In this case, it is also worth using the methods described by us. First of all, check if the place will accommodate the planned guests. See also whether it can contain all the planned attractions there. For example, if you are planning some activities that require internet access, do not plan an event in a desert area or in a mine.

Also, consider whether your attendees will appreciate the unusual venue. If you are organizing an event for Millennials, then you can be pretty sure that they will even demand this uniqueness. In turn, older people will appreciate the comfort and reputation of a bit less extravagant venue.

2019 corporate event trends

Trend 5: Smart adaptation of a corporate event technology

Corporate event apps have been on the market for a few years. In the near future, more and more emphasis will be put on the wise use of MarTech in the process of organizing corporate events. Research indicates that CMOs plan to allocate as much as 26% of marketing budgets for technologies. Their use will not be limited only to individual functions. Corporate event apps are whole ecosystems that help plan and coordinate events. What’s more, they will also provide huge amounts of data about attendees, partners and sponsors – their behavior, performance and interactions.

Is this trend for you?

Yes. That’s it – everyone can and will benefit from intelligent event MarTech apps. And if you linger, you will be left behind by your competitors.


Trend 6: Local flavors

It was already fit, it was exotic. We all fell in love with sushi and buddha bowls. Now it comes the time of local flavors. Seasonal food, bred and provided by local farmers and entrepreneurs will be the trendiest ‘accessory’ for your event.

Is this trend for you?

If you plan any meals for the time of the event, seriously think about such a solution. It can bring many benefits. You serve delicious food with a story behind it. Also, you have a chance to negotiate better prices with the local producers and farmers. You get the opportunity to get superpartners and support local initiatives. It is really important for your company’s CSR activities. I’ll be back to the CRS trend in a moment.

2019 technology trends in event management

Trend 7: Measuring event traffic data

The next trend will be the use of technologies such as applications, beacons and smart mats to measure traffic data. This action is cost-effective for many reasons. It allows to better determine users’ interests, pick out the most popular exhibitors and optimize the floor plan. With this information, you can invite those partners and exhibitors who will attract crowds the most. Also, you can negotiate with them prices based on hard data.

Is this trend for you?

If you organize events in a larger venue, consider the event traffic data analysis. You will be surprised how much data you have ignored so far. More important, you’ll see how much you can benefit from this data.

Trend 8: Personalized experience through MarTech

Personalization has been an important element of marketing activities for many years now. We have personalized recommendations, e-mails, website experience and shopping experience. It’s high time to focus on personalizing the event experience. Everyone likes to feel unique and have tailored experiences. Event attendees are no exception. Smart event apps allow attendees to cut out of the events exactly those fragments that are of interest to them. At the same time, it gives the organizers a chance to guide attendees through an event experience that will satisfy their needs to the highest degree.

Is this trend for you?

It’s a tricky one. To prepare a few paths you need to know the needs of your attendees. For this purpose, it is a good idea to prepare a persona buyer and analyze feedback from previous editions. Only on the basis of such data, you will be able to prepare individual experience built up with MarTech. If you prefer gut-driven decisions over the data-driven ones, leave this trend. However, if you’d like to skyrocket your event’s performance in 2019, give it some special attention.

2019 Overall event trends

Trend 9: Festivalization

We already had appification and appocalypse. It’s time to incorporate some of the best practices from so-much-loved festivals into corporate events. In 2019 try to think in terms of co-curation of sessions, social media activity and game-changing workshops. Think of the all brands which boost their marketing by simply being present on a popular event like Lollapalooza or Coachella. Red Bull is a master of this kind of actions.  

Is this trend for you?

Yes, especially if you have a rather younger audience. Millennials and late GenXers will appreciate this shift of perspective. If they are in your target group, go for it!

Trend 10: Mindfulness & CSR

And finally, the trend that we’ve been signaling from a while. The upcoming year will be the organizers lean towards the mindfulness of social responsibility. Millennials are particularly sensitive to the brand’s philosophy and values. Therefore, events that give added value and emphasize the mission of the company have a greater chance to reach this audience.

Is this trend for you?

It depends on your target group and event goal. If you talk to people who are socially involved, who are conscious of self-development, then yes. This trend is for you.

How to measure which event trends work best for you?

Certainly, while reading this list you were wondering which trend will best suit your actions. Based on our tips, you can choose a few of them that you want to test. To choose the best, do a simple exercise.

  1. To start with, list the goals of the event.
  2. For each of the objectives, add a set of KPIs that will allow you to measure how close you are to achieving the goal.
  3. Then, for each trend, conduct an analysis, for example, SWOT, in the context of the implementation of these KPIs. Use data from various sources:
    1. analysis of the target group and buyer personas
    2. attendee feedback from previous events
    3. analysis of participants’ behavior on previous events
    4. data from the event application, like for example Eventory
    5. participant preference survey
  4. According to the analysis, choose those trends that are the best to achieve particular goals.
  5. Then put the hypothesis. For example – ‘Entering into a deal with local food suppliers will allow me to lower the cost of the event by X%’.
  6. Test this hypothesis.
  7. Analyze the conclusions.
  8. Attend to them.

In this way, you will choose event trends in which to invest in 2019.

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Which event trends will you try for sure? Or maybe you would like to add something to our list?