TOP 25 women in technology events to attend in 2019

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TOP 25 women in technology events to attend in 2019



Events dedicated to women of the technology industry are blooming in the event calendar for the next year. This is why I’m coming to you with the list of TOP 25 women in technology events for 2019! Read more and update your calendar!

Over the years, the technology industry went from “men only” attitude to the approach that aims for diversification. Women across the world fight the stereotypes and are becoming a fair representation in IT and many technology sectors. In the event field, I see the trend of organizing special conferences just for female representatives in certain industries and decided to have a closer look at the matter.

Why bother with creating events directly for women?

While thinking about the benefits of organizing events exclusively for women in the technology sector, the first reason for doing it is their quantity. Female representatives in fields like IT, cybersecurity or data science are no longer in minority. Dedicated events, in most cases are gathering massive crowds of both women and men specialists, who exchange plenty of experiences and knowledge so that the technology industry can develop.

Also, while it may still seem unnecessary for event organizers to prepare a separate cycle of events exclusively for women, there are definitely many advantages. This trend comes from the noble purpose – to express the support for women (unfortunately still) struggling with the disparity, so it’s also a good way to boost your company’s employer branding through the event and show that equality is what you care for.

Benefits for women specialists at every stage of Tech career

For organizers, there are mainly all the pros of hosting a conference in general (plus those coming out of gathering this specific target audience). However, today’s article is not about what organizers can get. After all, there needs to be a rather impressive list of pros for women from attending women in tech events.

First of all, the event focus on their problems in the industry. Pain points can be different depending on the position, career stage and… not a surprise, gender. Attending events dedicated to women of Tech industry provide lectures and discussions on their specific everyday issues and perspectives, which in the general summit could be left out. Not intentionally, but just as it is, because of the variety of topics to be cover.

Then, there’s the aspect of bringing the community together. It’s not anything unexpected to say that sometimes it’s good to join the circle of like-minded people. Women in tech events are a great opportunity to meet fellow colleagues in the industry to exchange ideas, views and share experiences. In the IT industry, women may sometime feel like they’re in a minority, so such meetings are a great opportunity to inspire yourself and feel the connection with your field.

Last but not least, events that focus on the community of women in the technology industry provide the content that is entirely personalized for them. It’s about the opportunities prepared by the partners, lectures that address their needs and so on. Really, women networking parties can be much more successful when done with fellow IT superwomen. Also, new girls in the industry can get a great deal of inspiration from experienced colleagues. Seeing the successful women in high positions, following their passion can make wonders and give strength to overcome obstacles that, let’s be honest often arise while forming a new career path.

All in all, those events are one of a kind occasion for women out there, rocking new technologies world, to get together, support each other, exchange experiences, share and extend the knowledge.

The list of women in technology events to attend

To make it easier for you, below you’ll find a list of must-attend events for women in technology in the upcoming year and some last minute hits. Grab your opportunities and save the dates!

Last minute calls for joining women in technology events in 2018

#1 European Women in Tech Conference

When: 28-29 November 2018

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re free in those last days of the current month and lives nearby Amsterdam. Buy your ticket for European Women in Technology Conference. More than 3000 tech leaders and professionals will be there to share experiences. It’s a great chance to hear from interesting speakers, enhance your skills before the end of this year. Don’t put in your New Year’s resolutions list, if you’re free – book your ticket to Amsterdam and join other women!

#2 WomenHack events

When: available dates from November 28 to December 13 (depending on location)

Where: various locations (Luxemburg, Rome, Israel, Phoenix, Atlanta, and much more)

WomenHack events are invite-only cycle recruitment meetings for both participants and employers. You can get into the event by sending a request for an invitation. There are still many dates available, so if you’re currently looking for a job and you’re a software engineer, UX/UI designer or product manager for a tech company, go for it! It’s a perfect example of women networking events, where diversity talks are followed by 5-minute interviews to keep things engaging. Definitely worth to have a look at!

#3 Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East 2018

When: 3 December 2018

Where: New York City, NYC, United States

Start the last 30 days of 2018 listening to inspiring speeches from the most powerful and experienced women leaders. The event will offer female channel and IT executives a chance to advance their skills and get inspired by the women making a massive impact on the IT channel and industry these days. Participants can take part in interactive workshops, peer panels, motivational speeches. Everything will be focused on the challenges, trends, and opportunities in today’s technology sector. It’s one of those great women networking events where you can exchange your points of view and hear real inspiring stories.

Women in technology events in 2019

#4 #BLOGHER Health

When: 24-25 January 2019

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Let’s start with rather soft skills required in using everyday technology for growing your business. The beginning of the year will bring a conference for all the ladies out there who like to jump into the social streams and share their lifestyle ideas. Perfect place for every influencer entrepreneur who wants to learn some new tricks of blogging and also expand the knowledge of the health subject.

#5 The World-Changing Women Summit

When: 28-30 January 2019

Where: Scotts Valley, CA

The World-Changing Women Summit invites you at the end of January to join a mass of other women in the industry to dive into the knowledge about leadership, self-development and how to bring more purpose to your workplace. Prepared for women working their way to the top, the event describes itself as a powerhouse group that’s purpose is to give support, inspire and connect in order to spread the best practices on leading the business.

#6 NEXT The women’s mortgage technology summit

When: 7-8 February 2019

Where: Dallas, TX, United States

That’s one of the women networking events example on the list. NEXT is a gathering of executives dealing with the mortgage industry and its innovations. During the conference, you’ll be able to hear from many professionals who’ll cover topics like Process automation & KPI tracking, Non-QM the Smart Way, how to win the market niches and so on. Many useful tips, inspiring meetings, and chances to network with fellow woman managers.

#7 WECode 2019

When: 23-24 February 2019

Where: Cambridge, MA, United States  

Women Engineers Code 2019, because that’s how the full name of the event goes, is the sixth iteration of student-run women in IT conference. With the noble aim to cultivate the next generations of women tech leaders and promote female representatives in the IT industry, the event offers inspiring keynotes, workshops and opportunity to expand the networks (also with representatives of the top tech companies!). Save the date!

#8 Women of Power Summit

When: 28 February – 3 March 2019

Where: Las Vegas, NV, United States

This women summit is a conference full of inspiring lectures performed by top women of color entrepreneurs with great success on their account. The event is organized for mid- to senior-level managers, C-level executives, decision makers, HR officers, diversity officers, and professionals. If you fit the profile and want to inspire yourself hearing the speeches from, for instance, a former senior advisor during Obama’s Administration Valerie Jarret, book the tickets now!

#9 RUN THE WORLD TECHFORMATION 2019 Women in Tech Conference

When: 1 March 2019

Where: Melbourn, Australia

Give yourself a powerful start into March. Tech-formation Women in Tech Conference is here to bring some shine upon female leaders and technology sector representatives. This one-day gathering will provide stories of powerful industry personas who have fought against being in minority. Now building top tech products and leveraging technology to build global brands will share their experiences and give a word of advice to inspire all the participants and give them the courage to develop in, until recently, mostly man field. Among the speakers, you’ll find owners and executives of successful startups so you can be sure that there will be a solid portion of knowledge! If you’re an ambitious woman tech warrior and want to meet like-minded colleagues, be sure to be there!

#9 Women in Data Science

When: 4 March 2019

Where: Stanford, CA, United States

March will bring you an opportunity to join the conference on data science. WiDS is aimed to all gender attendees that work in the field. With the purpose of supporting women in the field, the conference will give you an opportunity to broaden knowledge in digital and analytics novelties. Agenda is still in progress, but the list of speakers looks really good so far. Worth to have a look at.

#10 Everywoman in Tech Forum  

When: 6 March 2019

Where: London

Kickstart your International Women’s Day celebrations by attending a one-day event focused on empowering women in the technology industry and defining terms of gender equality in the field. The event offers lectures from female role models who embrace technology and share their experiences. Topics covered will be divided into sectors such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Innovation, and Big Data, so there ’s much to look forward to!

#11 WITBoss

When: 7th March 2019

Where: Leeds. UK

Another event to prepare you for celebrating International Women’s Days. This time it is women networking event. It’s dedicated to women of the technology field. The invitation-only formula ensures the finest selection of those who attend this networking party. This makes it even more promising! To join it, simply register to get an invitation. The event is hosted by IT recruitment company, Corecom Consulting. It’s a place for all the women in IT to network, discuss hot topics and simply get to know each other. Being there can surely contribute to the efficiency of your work in the future, giving you a solid base of potential business contacts. Try it yourself!

#12 Tech Fashion Week

When: 27-31 March 2019

Where: Silicon Valley, CA, United States

Now that’s a twist! You probably didn’t expect a fashion show at the list of women in technology events but here it is. Tech Fashion show is a mix of fashion, technology, creative design, and innovation. For those interested in how to transform fashion with a little help from new technologies, it’s definitely a place to be in March 2019. During the event, you’ll be able to admire top examples of this tech-fashion union and network through the crowd of enthusiast. Nice opportunity to see what technology can do for other sectors and a chance to broaden your network.


When: April 2018 ( date to be announced)

Where: California, CA, United States

Another classic example of women in technology conferences with a purpose to redefine women’s mission an journey in the technology world. The main focus of the event lies in creating a strong community among female representatives of the technology sector. Through the panel discussions, networking sessions and lectures with powerful personas attendees can get a solid portion of an inspiration and exchange their experiences. As for now, we know that the 2019 edition will be held in April but we still need to wait for the specific date. Also, the agenda is still to be published, which gives hope for even more prestigious representatives this year. Nevertheless, the previous edition of the conference left a good impression of being an open-minded event which can inspire and give women a power for further development.

#14 Women of Silicon Valley

When: 2-3 May 2019

Where: San Francisco, CA, United States

One of the biggest women in tech events takes, once more, place in San Francisco. While attending the 2019 edition, you have a chance to meet with +1500 tech leaders and professionals. You can listen to representatives from top companies and famous startups such as Amazon, Slack, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, and much more. Impressive, right? The event wants to enable participants to connect, learn from each other and take actions that lead to diversification in the industry. You’ll find there lectures, discussions on business strategies, technical and career development classes. Also, the conference represents the group women networking events, so book the ticket and make connections! Look how fun it is:

#15 ACT – W Conferences

When: 6 May 2019

Where: Chicago, IL, United States

Organized by ChickTech, the conference is full of interesting and engaging attractions for attendees. Supporting girls in the industry, from those who lack the experience to developers with many years of practice, the event provides programming sessions, engaging lectures, training workshops, networking opportunities, career fairs. This gathering is to gather women and girls in the industry, give them chance to develop skills and create a network.  During the conference, they’re able to connect with each other, establish business contacts that can later become an official cooperation, as well as obtaining friendship with fellow tech representatives. ACR – W brings together women from beginning programmers to senior developers, to C-suite executives, will you join them?

#16 Inspire Fest 2019

When: 16-17 May 2019

Where: Dublin, Ireland

An international festival of technology,  science, design, and arts. Packed with interesting lectures which cover a variety of topics from the future of work through women in the STEM industry to topics about the startup landscape and much more! The conference is the best opportunity for women in technology business who wants to broaden the knowledge and seek to get involved in other industries related topics. Sounds interesting already right? There’s also a nice pro – the ticket also includes free entry to legendary Finge Festival!

#17 Wonder Woman Tech

When: 6 June 2019

Where: London

At the beginning of June find yourself at this big woman summit. With a mission to highlight, celebrate and educate women in STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) industries. Workshops, lectures where you can learn from pioneers in the industry and explore innovative ideas. Also, a great hit of a conference is a second path – A Mentor Magic sessions, You can participate in discussions with professionals who will guide you through your career dilemmas as well as industry related questions and problems. Why waste your time, thinking about the solutions on your own when you can get a pro insight and save it more efficiently? That’s what I thought so, join the community of STEAM industry women in London, you won’t regret it!

#18 Women in Technology Summit

When: 9-11 June 2019

Where: San Jose, CA, United States

The gathering for more than 1500 men and women across the world that operate in the technology industry. Participants merge for three days in Silicon Valley are to exchange their views and experiences. During the event, you’ll be able to build new business (and non-business) relationships as well as collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs. Such interaction will give you opportunities to update your leadership and technical skills. For three days women representatives from the world will be able to express their ideas and gain business opportunities during dedicated panels and meetings. Highly recommend to check this out!

#19 Women of Silicon Roundabout

When: 25-26 June 2019

Where: London

Uk’s vibrant centerpiece for women in technology. The conference provides lectures with the most inspiring women in the industry and gives an opportunity to enhance skills and portfolio of its attendees. It’s a great opportunity to spend a fruitful and enriching time in the company of like-minded people. Among celebrations of diversity in the world’s fastest growing industry, you’ll be able to network, achieve long-term business connections, learn the latest tech trends and much more. Need more to convince you? Check the speakers’ list – representatives from top companies like Groupon, Google, eBay and more are waiting for you! Save the date!

#20 ACT-W Conferences

When: 28-29 June 2019

When: Portland, OR, United States

Another event from the ChickTech – this time it takes place in Portland. Same as the Chicago edition – this women in IT conference celebrates the power of girls in the industry providing programming sessions, workshops, discussion panels, and many job opportunities. An intense two days full of engaging attractions will let you not only gain a few more skills but also improve your contacts both, business and regular ones. Honestly, it’s worth to drop by. If you can’t make it to Chicago, make sure you will be in Portland.

#21 The Women in Tech Summit West

When: 4 October 2019

Where: Denver, CO, United States

One of the 5 edition of this women summit to be held this year (check the website to choose a suitable location). The event tackles various aspects of working in the tech industry. After all, it’s not all about coding. Event’s aim is to create support for all women working in the industry through gathering them in one place. Hands-on tech workshops will let you get new skills. Discussions about trending topics in the technology sector and opportunities to get when it comes to your career will give you an insight into the perspectives and will broaden your knowledge. So far so good, right? And think about the long-lasting connections you can get through participating! Worth to give it a go!

#22 Grace Hopper Celebration

When: 2-4 October 2019

Where: Orlando, FL, United States

Women in the technology conference in memory of Grace Hopper – an American female IT pioneer. A conference is a place for all the woman in IT and Technology industry where you can listen to powerful speeches that will give you the inspiration to lead you through the work. Also, during the conference, you can take part in the PitcHER contest. Sounds like a well invested time, right? This edition of the conference will take place in the first days of October. The agenda is to be announced but you can already register for the event to save your spot and be sure that you’ll be there to meet other women in IT!

#23 Tech Up for Women

When: 12 November 2019

Where: New York, NY, United States

Tech Up for Women which takes place this year’s fall in New York can be called one of the women networking events, as well as women summit. It’s because the conference offers a variety of opportunities to meet with fellow women representatives of the technology industry. Its purpose is to fight the fear factor when it comes to tech field an engaging women across the world to dive into this type of knowledge. The event will focus on topics such as new technological advances, cybersecurity, big data, digital & analytics, tech innovation, recruitment & careers, leadership and more!

#24 Wonder Woman Tech

When: 7-9 November 2019

Where: Long Beach, CA, USA

Next edition of the women in technology conference – the Long Beach edition. If you felt like you missed the London opportunity to meet women of STEAM industries you have another chance to do so! At the event, you can expect hiring fairs – for all of those women out there who are looking for their place in the tech industry. Also, mentor sessions to guide your way through the career paths and help you solve your problems. Many inspiring lectures make the conference must-attend point on the event calendar for 2019. You don’t feel convinced? Just check last year’s edition speaker list. You can see that there are representatives from top companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Women Who Code LA, GitLab and more! Have a look at Washington edition:

There are more women in technology conferences coming up next year!

The list above contains many interesting spots to be throughout the year. The variety of events for women who work with new technologies and fight for sectors’ diversity is impressive. The positive, upbeat character of those conferences can really give them the power to kickstart their careers in a promising way! Year by year new summits appear and those already existing have their new editions.

I tried to choose the TOP 25 women in technology events for this article purposes but while doing this I stumbled upon a couple of promising not announced yet positions. Below the short list of potential events to look for in 2019!

  • Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference – last years’ edition gathered thousands of women in the technology industry together to enable them to share experiences and exchange vital advice. Keep an eye on this on to get the information about 2019 edition!
  • #MovetheDial Global Summit – You can tell for sure that the 2019 edition is in making by the sponsor application form. You don’t know any details yet but wait for it. Analyzing last year’s speakers give you an insight into the level of this summit. Engineers from Slack, Google representatives, CDO of Uber – not bad, huh?
  • We RISE Tech – that’s one mysterious website, isn’t it? But the event is definitely worth to follow, especially that last edition to fight gender inequality in the tech industry was a success!

Wrap Up

Diversity in the offices is the ongoing hot topic for many industries. This is why events dedicated to women are becoming more and more popular. The same phenomenon can be observed when it comes to technology and IT industry.

Women in technology events are a good way to show the important support for increasing part of the tech sector. Letting alone the PR and employer brand benefits that organizer can get from such event, Women Summits bring many profits and opportunities to those interested – women of the industry.

Attending women in technology conference brings participants an opportunity to hear stories of the most successful female leaders of the field. This gives a great deal of inspiration to those listening and can kickstart other careers. Moreover, it’s the exchange of experiences factor that brings a substantial value to those meetings.

Then, women summits are the place where women can get adequate training. This means that workshops and programming sessions are prepared in comparison to pain points and needs of precise women of the technology industry. In a friendly like-minded company, women get the chance to enhance their skills and rule the sector even more.

Last but not least, gatherings of women in tech community create many networking opportunities which give women more courage, feeling of belonging and new business perspectives. After all, events rock when it comes to the recruitment process!

Knowing all the perks of attending women in technology events make a full use of 2019. Events for females in tech and IT industry are filling an event calendar for the next year almost entirely. Make sure you choose something beneficial for you. You have my list to help you do it, or if you want to rely on technology – try tools that will fit events to your needs, budget and interests, just like Eventory Planning do! When you have that covered – pack your suitcase and enjoy!

Let the events work for you! Choose from the ones tailored to your needs!

Did you ever attend any women in technology conference? Tell us about your experience.