Case studies

The truth and testimony to Eventory’s support and success in the field.



We are proud to be working with many great partners. The stories of their success inspire us to constantly develop our products in order to provide everything you need to organize unforgettable events. Learn how companies from all over the world use Eventory to create memorable experiences for their attendees, streamline event management process and use collected data to make better business decisions.

"Eventory is a great, easy to use application that can easily streamline the work of a small team of people to you just clicking through the whole event setup, tracking and review."
"We really appreciate the way that the application supports communication via networking module and the possibility to quickly communicate special news to all the attendees."
"What is perhaps the most exciting though, is the enormous potential Eventory holds as new features are added and the app develops further."
"The main asset of this software was their very beneficial ratio of quality versus price. Using the app was a very intuitive and user-friendly process."
"Setting up the event on Eventory platform is super simple and that’s what got us to eventually stick to Eventory as compared to other platforms. Eventory made things easier for us!"
"We were absolutely satisfied with Eventory and at the same time positively impressed. Whatever we needed, the platform provided."
"Using Eventory was like scoring a bullseye for us. As for the conference organizer, it gives a work comfort with proved tool and allows to exploit more from every next event."
"Eventory gave us an opportunity to present all the information about the Falling Walls Lab Kyiv and Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016 in a real time."
"Eventory helped us achieve our goals: remarkable networking, emphasizing the pro-environmental approach, getting feedback and providing a truly digital tool for the conference devoted to digital solutions."

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