Design Thinking Week 2018 & Eventory – the partnership that matters

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Design Thinking Week 2018 & Eventory – the partnership that matters



Have you ever heard about design thinking? It’s practitioners believe in the creation of innovations based on empathy, good communication and frequent feedback that allow people to make positive changes in the environment. How can you help your empathy and cooperation skill grow? The answer is to be found at Design Thinking Week.


Why should you bother?

Design Thinking is a methodology that, by getting into a conversation, researching and, above all, following users’ preferences, allows to discover previously unrecognized needs and to adapt solutions to what the end user really expects. All this in a nice atmosphere, working in teams with people who share the same passion, are open and creative.

What is Design Thinking Week?

Design Thinking Week is a festival of designing innovative solutions according to the methodology. It takes place in 10 Polish cities. From year to year, the festival is working intensively to become better and more favorable idea to the receivers. This time organizers have prepared the possibility of self-assessment in terms of the key competencies of the future: empathy and cooperation. In the era of the IV industrial revolution, the ability to solve complex problems, critical thinking, creativity, interdisciplinary cooperation, empathic communication and openness to the needs of others, become resources that increase our competitiveness on the labor market. DTW participants, apart from the diagnosis, will also receive guidelines on how to develop these competencies by building their own career path.


How did the idea start? Organizers words

Design thinking has been in the Top 500 Innovators Association from the very beginning: we organized the first all-Polish DT Week in 2014. It took place during the internship program “Top 500 Innovators” at the best universities in the world, which we graduated in. Inspired by, such as Design Institute at Stanford University, we wanted to share our experience in the places we came back to. In retrospect, we feel responsible for the popularity of design thinking in Poland. Katarzyna Walczak, President of the Top 500 Innovators Association

Where and when you need to be?

The festival will take place on the 12-18th of November 2018 in the bigger Polish cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków, Częstochowa, Katowice, Kielce, Łódź and Ostrów Wielkopolski.

We’re happy to see how the event is developing. We recently talked to Project Manager of Design Thinking Camp about the logistics and their idea of managing communication. Eventory strongly supports the idea, as we also believe in the power of communication and creative solutions. The future is in the hands of innovation, so we strongly recommend – check this years’ edition of Design Thinking Week!