Eventory’s CEO shares his experience in growing businesses in the Łukasz Wołek’s podcast

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Eventory’s CEO shares his experience in growing businesses in the Łukasz Wołek’s podcast



ROI is the hero and the keyword of the Łukasz Wołek’s podcast with Andrzej Targosz as a guest. Abbreviation of Return of Investment escalates to the issue of investors, business plan, support for startups and the story of Eventory – these are heroes of the episode.


“Marketing ludzkim głosem” is the program for marketers on a different level of advancement. It has a format which lets everyone follow quests and understand a touched topic. Łukasz, the host, has a special button which he presses when a word or sentence potentially hard or unknown for his listeners appears. This way, everytime guests say something incomprehensible, he is able to explain it in a clear and understandable way so everyone is able to follow.

Andrzej Targosz, CEO of Eventory, was a recent guest in Łukasz Wołek’s podcast. He answered questions using his experience as the founder of the Polish event agency PROIDEA, event organizer with more than 10 years of practice, an investor in startups, and businessman who started his journey at the age of 17.

Questions answered in the podcast

The host is asking the most important questions which every businessman wants to know the answer for. You can learn:

  • What are the tools to use in order to analyze the profit and performance of your actions?
  • What is the connection between a beauty contest and investors in startups?

Sounds strange, but trust me – there is more in common that you can imagine! Andrzej explained the process of searching for business partners.

  • Should we be scared of the competitors?

In the podcast, guests explained in the podcast why NOT. How can the competition help and what lessons can be taken from their actions?

  • Who are the business angels? What is seed investing and what is its role in business development and fundraising?
  • Business plan and 4 years projection? Is there a sense in such planning? Is one more of the important cases which were mentioned.

Check the answers:


Additional support of the foundation

There is surely a struggle to grow and develop a startup at the beginning. There are millions of ideas every day which can never grow so the world could see them. Bitspiration Booster is a solution to the problem of many startups which want to stand out from the crowd. The team works with a global trusted network of partners and investors. Individuals and corporates bring their experience, know-how, and technologies that provide targeted support for the portfolio of registered startups. What is important for tech startups, in their presentation, is to show 3 things:

#1 unique idea

#2 scalability

#3 entering the market

Łukasz asked Andrzej about Eventory’s begging, the process of development and the need for event mobile applications on the market. That’s a unique opportunity to hear about it directly from our CEO. Moreover, Andrzej shares information about the opportunity to become Eventory’s business partner. Sounds interesting? Listen to the podcast!


Find the answer for all the questions above and learn from the expert on how to grow your business, where to search for help – listen to the Polish podcast.

(If you are English speaking and want to find the answer to the questions above – contact us at so we will send you essentials from the podcast.)