2019 changes to get more statistics out of Eventory!

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2019 changes to get more statistics out of Eventory!



Analytics is one of Eventory’s core points and the main value we provide to our customers. They can turn data into valuable insights themselves and draw an important lesson for the future. Dear event organizers, now we have even more statistics available within the platform for you!


Why event analysis is so important?

For event marketing managers the main goal is to ensure the success of the marketing event that was planned for months. It is much easier to analyze the effect with the proper set of KPIs. On the Eventory platform, we provide the most important statistics and analysis for event organizers.

The most useful statistics – event organizer perspective

As the PLNOG organizer, I find “Highest-rated lectures” indicator the most useful. That is because we have a tradition of honoring the best speaker of PLNOG right at the end of the event. In this case, the new statistics are extremely useful for us – they save us time spent on calculating the average rating of the speakers, and so they save us stress!Sylwia Wojtas, PLNOG21 Organizer, Head of Communications at PROIDEA

How it was vs how it is now

We have added new information to the Stats section and reorganized the panel for event organizers. Before, organizers had to count some of their own or ask Eventory’s Customer Service for the help with the analysis. Now, it’s visible, separated into blocks and easy to analyze. Organizers can access the most important date which gives them a clear message and feedback about an event.

What was added?

According to feedback gathered from our clients, we analyzed the Stats section and added new unique information. We want to present statistics from PLNOG21 to show you how the panel looks now. Some of the changes we made:

#1 Friendships established between attendees

#2 Networking in numbers

#3 Most active users

#4 Event clicks

#5 Highest-rated lectures

#6 QR code spots (connected to Eventory Scanner)


Do you want to see more of Stats and implement it at your event? Let’s talk!