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10 best TED talks for business. Save managers from the boring international business conferences

We live in the times when almost everything is easily accessible on the Internet. The knowledge is not an exception. When the distance is not a barrier anymore and information flow became unlimited, the struggle of traveling miles to get to the promising international business conference disappears. There’s a much easier way to give managers possibility of gaining new, useful business knowledge and skills. In this article, we share with you 10 best Ted talks that will let you save some on-road time! Do we really need to attend every international business conference? It’s not a top secret, or some…

How to explain Event Marketing meaning to COO?

Event marketing meaning is crucial and its significance cannot be underestimated. Even though it is still a young, developing field its understanding is already often a misconception. Some still don’t see the importance of events, there is a dozen of reasons why it should be incorporated in everyday marketing strategies of the companies. But how to convince those in charge that strategic event planSing will help to improve performance and achieve the goals of the company? We are here with some answers. Why is it important to understand Chief Operating roles and responsibiliies? Encouraging someone to engage in a new…
building and maintaining client relationships Red Bull style

How to use events for building and maintaining client relationships Red Bull style

Red Bull is a master of building relationships with customers. And they have mastered the art of events. The influence of these events on contemporary society is difficult to overestimate. These meetups may strongly contribute to building and maintaining client relationships. The following article presents some examples of event campaigns that stuck so deeply into the memory of the target group that they have the potential to become icons of pop culture. In spite of the fact that the examples under scrutiny come from the cosmetics and energy beverages industry, they provide valuable lessons concerning all event marketing projects. These…
Conference mobile guide

Is there a conference guide that doesn’t suck (and doubles as an attendee traffic analyzer)?

For one reason or another event arrangement is an activity that involves a lot of resources. So it is necessary to optimize this process. An app which serves as a conference guide makes event planning more pleasant and effective. This is important for masterminds and attendees alike. Why you should bother with a conference map and other facilities for attendees As a conference organizer, for once in a while you should put yourself in attendees’ shoes. Imagine how would it be if you came to the conference and were left completely alone. You don’t know the agenda, the venue plan,…