E-book – 10 event essentials to boost internal Employer Branding

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E-book – 10 event essentials to boost internal Employer Branding



The way you present your company affects many fields. Above all is recruitment, but also relations in the current team, and even partners or potential clients – it all depends, more than you expect, on your Employer Branding. Events are a big part of company image creation. We gathered 10 event essentials to boost internal Employer Branding.

Grab your copy of the brand new e-book and find out how to take your employer branding to a whole new level!

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What is Employer Branding and why should you care?

Employer Branding is the reputation as an employer, also a market perception of how it is like to work for a company. In other words, Employer Branding is the value proposition to its employees and experience current and past employees have from working at a certain company.

Nowadays, very often the job is searching for people, not the opposite. In some fields, it is very hard to find an employee, who is matching a company and a position. Then, to catch his/her eye, you need to offer something more than a salary. People searching for a job pay more attention to the image of the company, values and atmosphere it presents.

What can you find in the brand new e-book about Employer Branding?

  • What is Employer Branding and how it has changed over time
  • The most important trends in Employer Branding in 2018
  • Role of the events in the internal Employer Branding
  • Steps in organizing an event (before, during and after)

Wrap up

Your effective actions can strongly impact employees’ and candidates’ perception of the company and work there. It should be led not only outside but also inside the organization. Using innovative solutions can help you realize ambitious business goals and also give opportunities and enjoyment for employees during events.

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