How to spot the best exhibition booth design

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, assessing the success of an event is not an easy thing to do. For example, the best exhibition booth design seems to be a matter of individual preference that depends on numerous factors. So how can you actually measure the best stand design?

The people test

Every event has a purpose. One of the most obvious goals of event organizers is to attract as many people from their target group as possible. And boy, oh boy, having people on board who race to create the best exhibition booth design can help you increase the number of attendees and their engagement.

‘How?’ you may ask. Well, people often come to trade shows lured by the promise of something new and inspiring. And believe you me – a sad leaflet display won’t do. Nowadays, people are looking for an experience. AR, VR, guerilla marketing are the things that can win attendees’ hearts. Therefore, as an organizer make sure you have at least a few aces up your sleeve.

Here’s an inspiring question: How to measure the best stand design? It’s a little bit like tennis, or ping pong – always keep your eye on the ball. In this case, your ball is not the design itself, but the crowd it attracts. So instead of measuring the abstract ‘beauty’ of the stand, measure how many people found it attractive enough to stop by. Despite the heated discussion related to your product being somewhat intangible, the majority of other aspects are easily measurable thanks to cutting-edge online event management software technologies.

New technologies to help you find the best exhibition booth design

High-end software for event organizers allows them not only to plan and coordinate the whole event, but also to run advanced performance analysis. There are a few ways to measure the popularity of your booth.

When it comes to measuring the movement of people during an event, beacon technology is the first to pop in your mind (or at least it should be).

The bliss of the proximity technology

Such a comprehensive measurement is possible due to the use of brand-new concepts. High-class software for event organizers makes the best use of so-called proximity technology.

Proximity technology is strongly related to the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT means that any physical object may become smart when wirelessly connected. Such an item, called wearable, receives information which is not only associated with the basic function of this smart accessory, but also with its location in the real world. So the application reacts to the movement of a customer or attendee that takes place in the physical world.

Use of proximity technology at events

The creators of online event management software are deeply aware of the importance of proximity technology, especially when it comes to trade events. There are a few ways to make this proximity technology a part of the event. Well-recognized solutions are:

  • geofencing – a feature that uses the GPS signal or radio frequency identification signal. It defines geographical boundaries. An administrator can pre-define some actions that will be triggered by a device that crosses the boundaries
  • near field communication (NFC) – technology that enables short range, wireless communication between two or more compatible devices
  • QR codes – the abbreviated form of Quick Response Code. They are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone. They can store different kinds of data such as url links, geo coordinates, and text
  • beacons – small devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. They can connect with many smart devices. What’s more, beacons constantly transmit data that can be received by, let’s say, a smartphone in a specific range

They transform the entire venue into an interactive game field. All of these methods have their strong and weak points. For example, as NFC and QR are passive, they require a bit of engagement from the users. For measuring the paths of attendees, beacons should be your weapon of choice.

To put it briefly, beacons produce a signal that is recognized by apps and wearable devices. Because of this, you can gain access to a dazzling spectrum of possibilities. You can, for example, get information about how many times a certain stall was passed by the attendees and how much time they spent in the specific area. This data set can become the core of the post-event report on the best performing exhibitors.

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Just ask the attendees

Another way to enhance this data set is to use polls and surveys. It’s always better to use a single data source. It eliminates data import/export errors. If you have those polls planned ahead, you can gather these ratings in real-time, when emotions are still boiling hot. So you are able to gather the most authentic, spontaneous and unbiased statements. They are powerful support when making your future strategic decisions.

How to gather event feedback? Check our form questions examples & other useful tips.

Why is event performance evaluation relevant?

You may wonder why evaluation of trade show performance is so crucial and why online event management software may come in handy during the event.

First of all, you gain a quick glimpse into the data which is pivotal to the long-term success of your company. Events aren’t cheap to organize. So you should focus on the best-performing partners that will attract people to the event. More attendees equal bigger financial profits that will cover costs of the event: cost of the venue, cost of the catering, cost of keynote speaker accommodation and so on.

With a list of the best-performing exhibitors in your hand, you know who you want to invite for your next event. It makes little to no sense to re-invite a disfavored exhibitor. In fact, saying goodbye to those exhibitors will only make the event more appealing to your target group.

Measuring the stall performance is also handy when it comes to preparing the venue floor plan. You can use this data to locate the best performers in different parts of the venue, then you can encourage attendees to beat a path to your door. Make people follow certain paths and build their experience.

Wrap up

Measurement of the booth performance is easier than you think! Nowadays, there are many applications to improve your marketing activities from data gathered at a trade show.

All-in-one online event management software like Eventory guides you through all stages of event planning, organization and promotion with a coherent, complete set of information. This means you will no longer have to make a gut-driven decision on who you should invite to the event, and then pray that you will be able to cover the costs. How do you like this vision? Is it worth a try?

Data-driven decisions and smooth management drive unforgettable events!