Eventory’s integration with CRM systems: how to use data from events to grow sales and marketing?

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Eventory’s integration with CRM systems: how to use data from events to grow sales and marketing?



Events play a crucial role in companies’ business strategy as they facilitate building relationships with their audience. They are an opportunity to learn more about the attendees, their needs and create better products or offers based on that knowledge and thus run an efficient sales process. Data collected at events allow companies to profile and categorize customers so that the company’s communication is well adjusted to each group according to their interests and needs. With the use of surveys, live questions, and votings it is also possible to verify which elements of an event were interesting for the audience. Only by collecting this information does it make sense to measure and analyze events thus organize them, because that is the only way to estimate the business value for such an investment. How to use data from events to grow sales? Here’s the answer!


The sole act of gathering data is nothing new. Every marketer and salesperson will confirm that knowing more about a current or potential customer has a great impact on the sales process. However, an online event is quite a complex project. It requires a proper event website, good communication plan with the attendees, to learn what technology participants use and which elements of the event they are the most interested in. Until now, enterprises used various tools to organize events. They ended up with a lot of separate databases and spreadsheets which took a lot of time and effort to combine. Eventory unifies the attendee ID, thanks to which it is possible to merge the so far scattered data about participants into one database. The only thing left to do is to automate the transfer of this data to the company’s internal CRM systems so that sales and marketing teams can access it anytime and anywhere. That is why we introduced an integration between Eventory and two CRMs: Salesforce and Livespace. This opens up new possibilities for companies to aggregate and analyze data almost in real time. Already at the registration stage, the data of people registering for the event can be automatically sent and synchronized with the company’s internal systems.


Loop between an event and sales 

Sales teams don’t even have to wait for the beginning or end of an event to start the sales process. Since they already have the information about registrations in their CRM, they can use Eventory tools to send an email campaign with a thank you note related to the registration, they can call the customer to learn about their particular interests when it comes to a given event, their motivation to attend it or simply offer assistance in any topic. For a salesperson, the possibility of justified, targeted and contextual contact with the customer is a great advantage in building a relationship with them.

Eventory - integration with CRM Salesforce and Livespace

Eventory’s integration with Salesforce and Livespace gives the organizers insight into data and processes required to increase the number of new contracts. With the automation of the data collecting process, streamlining the cooperation between sales and marketing, and methodical measurement of every event, this integration improves not only the collection and flow of data but also the course of the event itself. Moreover, what is important from the point of view of the company-organizer – it shows the correlation between the data collected at the event and the revenues generated by it. The scope of the integration can be adapted to the needs of each company so that only the data currently needed by the company or sales department is transferred and updated.


How to use data from events to grow sales

Eventory’s integration with CRM systems provides sales teams with faster insight and access to data so they can better understand the customers’ needs. They can look at their activity from the point of view of a contact, person, lead or company they represent. Integration of Eventory and Livespace means combining two crucial worlds in our business: a platform storing knowledge about our customers that makes it easier for us to build deeper relationships with them, and a platform that allows us to organize modern and meaningful events. It is a significant optimization of sales and project management processes, and thus: saving our employees’ time. – comments Monika Nowacka-Sahin, CEO meet&grow, who is currently implementing this integration in her organization.


Get to know your customer better

By analyzing the information about the partner stand the participant visited, knowing how they answered the surveys or what lectures they took part in, we can build better relationships with customers and close deals more effectively. It also allows for easier identification of customers and understanding of their purchasing needs. Your salesperson doesn’t need to be present at the event all the time. The data changed or updated during the event are automatically transferred to the CRM systems and thus are available at any time to other company supervisors.


Calculate the ROI for each event more efficiently

With the systems combined, we gain access to completely new possibilities. We can correlate attendee activity at the event with specific sales results. Seeing that the participant shows a certain interest and then decides on the offer presented to them we can conclude that the event turned out to be a key element of the sales process. We don’t have to guess what accelerated the sales process, whether it was just a phone call or a conversation during the event. We have this data in one internal system. The event is another point of marketing contact, such as a website, advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn. It is a component of the sales process. Integration makes it easy to track events of all sizes – from small business meetings to large international conferences.


Streamline the process of inviting clients to the event

By combining the CRM system with Eventory platform, we can easily create guest lists for our event. We don’t need to involve sales teams in the slow process of creating a list of participants. All we have to do is send the contacts to the Eventory system and it will create a dedicated campaign for us. By sending the registration data back to the CRM system, we will know who has not accepted the invitation and who should therefore be contacted again. No one on the team has to waste additional time on complicated, tedious and time-consuming analysis.

Measure your events

Arrange a 1:1 meeting with a customer at the event

Since you know which of your customers will participate in the event, you can arrange a private meeting with them even before the event begins. Use it as an opportunity to talk, learn more about their expectations and build a relationship with them. It doesn’t matter if you are online or at a hybrid event. You have a customer right “next to you” who is willing to talk – don’t waste it.


The effectiveness of the event is in your hands

By combining platforms, we give you multiple opportunities that you can use to achieve better results. You can check who of your clients is registered for the event, you can arrange a meeting, create a survey, quiz, ask a question to the participants. What’s more, you can also check how long they spent at a given stand or lecture, how they rated a speaker or presentation. You are the creator and you have an impact on the development of the company you work at.