infoShare 2016 case study

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infoShare 2016 case study




Why Eventory

Eventory is the official app of the event. We used it for the first time for our May 2016 edition. Our main goal was to give attendees a real-time updated agenda and a floor plan through mobile telephony. As infoShare is a multipath, 3 days event for thousands of people, Eventory was the right choice to support them with a comfortable and effective networking tool.


Event Planning Process

During planning, we knew we wanted to offer our attendees a mobile event app. We did our homework and researched 3-4 event app providers. We found Eventory as the best choice for several reasons. Firstly, they provide the best in-app networking with tags, great support far beyond client servicing, showing best practices and an existing user database.
From the initial outset, we got huge support from the complete Eventory team. The administration dashboard was easy and intuitive to use, complete with their team answering all our questions in real time, along with giving us useful hints on attendees engagement.
Thanks to best practices, we were informed how we can use all Eventory features. Eventory also supported us also with marketing issues. We could use all the communication channels the app offers, including promotion of infoShare among Eventory users. There is a significant network of people interested in tech and start-up conferences that we could reach and invite to infoShare 2016 in Gdansk.
We did not use all the possible features of Eventory, however, we found those we used extremely useful to ourselves and our attendees.


Event Experience

During the event, we made the most of a number of key features that the Mobile App provides, based around creating a live user experience, interacting ourselves and attendees as one.

With the attendees downloading the app upon entry, we were able to keep them up to date with all updates, as and when they occurred, giving complete flexibility and peace of mind for both sides, that any updates can be communicated and no key elements were missed for the individual needs of each member.
One of the most positive parts of the experience, is that the event actually was exactly as we had planned. This is not because we had the perfect plan, but again, because we have the ability to keep things in line and inform of minor changes, keeping the event in a full flowing rhythm.
The most notable of the live event features, was the ability to produce and execute surveys and opinion polls during the event, giving us complete and accurate feedback on what was seen, as the answers are based on real time emotions, not at a later time, when the actual experience and excitement has left the attendee.


Event Overview

InfoShare 2016 was great success and we got great feedback from attendees. Eventory was very important for the development of the event and it had a positive effect on the feelings of the participants. As a team, we appreciated most the constant real-time communication, allowing us the freedom to run with attendees.
The statistics drawn from the surveys proved important, as we were able to analyze the true outcome and this, along with Eventory also offering their opinions and advice moving forward, will certainly direct us to using the platform again for the next edition, which will take place between the 17th and the 19th of May 2017, once again in Gdansk.
The key features that were able to connect all 3 areas of the entire event process, along with ensure a smooth and comfortable journey from start to finish, was the ability to create our own agenda, add floor plans and provide all updates in general information as we executed changes and moved around unexpected complications like a flow of water around a stone.

“Eventory made our lives easier before and during the event. It has a lot of handy organizational features – the schedule, the map, information about the speakers – everything was there in one place for the attendee. We really appreciate the way that the application supports communication via the networking module and the possibility to quickly communicate special news to all the attendees. We were happy with the fact that we could reach the extensive base of users also outside of our own event. I would honestly recommend this solution for every event no matter the size and complexity. Good work Eventory!”¬†–¬†GRZEGORZ BOROWSKI CEO infoShare Foundation

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