Live Questions – a 180-degree change in attendee-speaker interaction at events

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Live Questions – a 180-degree change in attendee-speaker interaction at events



What are the roots of the change?

The issue of interaction during lectures is a problem experienced by both – the event organizers and attendees, just from two different viewpoints.

Participant’s perspective

Sometimes questions come to participants mind and, unfortunately, stay there. They need to wait for their turn to speak up and may forget, resign or never get a voice in the whole confusion.

The other case is that people usually don’t feel comfortable speaking with a microphone in front of the crowd. The whole stress, pressure and shyness can cause that the question would never be asked. 

This one-sided communication leaves the attendees feeling as if they have no chance to impact the lecture flow, thus making it a lot less interesting.

Organizer’s perspective

From the organizers’ perspective, it looks differently: they can’t control questions asked after the speech and it causes confusion for them and a speaker as well. It’s extremely hard to remember who raised a hand and what was the order.

Sometimes there may also occur not decent questions, which after being asked can be only denied, however, everyone already heard it.

Moreover, the case of repeated questions appear.


Live Questions – impact on the event success

We have prepared something extra to solve this problem!

There’ll be no more issues with engaging and asking direct questions during lectures. From now on, a new Eventory feature – Live Questions is about to change the interactions and discussions during events.

If you, as a participant, ever had problems with speaking up at the event and asking a question with everybody’s eyes on you – relax now.

From the organizer and speaker’s perspective, if you ever worried that there were no questions from attendees, trust me, there were. The problem was, they have never been asked loudly. That’s what is going to change thanks to Live Questions.

The feature was used for the first time during the 2018 edition of Open Eyes Economy Summit. Organizers value engaging participants, getting questions from them and, at the same time, making the process smooth and structured.

How did they like Live Questions feature?

We had a chance to use Live Questions feature at 2018 edition of Open Eyes Economy Summit and we see a big potential in the new tool. The feedback we received was great both from moderators who were managing the audience’s questions during the lectures and participants themselves. The ability to ask questions in real-time surely brings the discussion to the next level. It gives a chance for interaction with the audience who has a big impact and can even change the course of the discussion. In addition, during OEES people have an opportunity to come across individualities that normally would be hard to meet. Thanks to Live Questions we have a chance to directly engage and interact with them.Tomasz Wojtas, Vice-President of the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration

Tomasz Wojtas – a graduate of the Economy and Public Administration at the University of Economics in Krakow. Currently a member of the Management Board of the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration, in which he is the Executive Director of the Open Eyes Economy Summit. Until 2015, the President of the Board of the Artistic Agency GAP and a producer of cultural events.


Live questions – how does it work?

Participant’s perspective

It’s pretty straightforward. When you look at a detailed lecture view in our app, you will notice a new button located under ‘rate lecture’ module, labeled ‘ask question’. 

Participants may ask speakers questions from the beginning of the lecture directly from their phone. Then, different message colors communicate to attendee whether the question was accepted, rejected or is waiting for moderation.

Organizers choose questions and present them to the public on a live stream. Participants also have an option to ‘like’ questions that were already posted, making them go higher in the ranking – 5 top questions are visible at the top of the stream.

Organizer’s perspective

Using our dashboard, the organizer decides which of the lectures in their schedule should have the Live Questions option turned on.

Then they can grant access to the moderator panel through an email invitation sent to the appointed moderator. The chosen moderator is in charge of accepting or rejecting questions and presenting them through the live stream on stage. The moderation option can also be turned off which means that all the questions are going to be presented to the public.

Moderator can highlight one chosen question which makes it obvious that it’s the current topic of discussion.

Questions can be exported from the dashboard later on – so the speaker can have them collected all together.

There is also an additional option available – to change the color of the stream to fit the exact topic of the lecture or event track.