“Marketing przy Kawie” published Eventory’s Marketing Manager’s article about experiential marketing

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“Marketing przy Kawie” published Eventory’s Marketing Manager’s article about experiential marketing



Experiential Marketing – is it an effective way to reach Millennials? The answer occurs in one of the newest articles in “Marketing przy Kawie”. Marketing Manager at Eventory shared her thoughts and experience about the best possibilities to catch the attention of the “Generation Y”.

“Marketing przy Kawie” is a guide in the topic of marketing and advertising. It’s a source of the latest news and must-know information.

Barbara Kozanecka, Eventory’s Marketing Manager, is the author of the article about experiential marketing in the Polish online magazine. Her everyday activities keep her updated with news and trends in Marketing and related topics. She, as an expert, presents the knowledge in a nutshell for everyone who struggles with marketing actions that don’t bring any effects.

The full article in Polish is available here!

Who are Millennials? Why is it hard to promote any product or service to them?

Have you ever heard the phrase “banner blindness”? That’s basically Millennials’ main problem. People born between 1980 and 2000 are constantly surrounded by marketing content. They are overloaded with the information they are receiving and automatically, they became resistant to traditional forms of marketing.

What Experiential Marketing stands for and how can it help Marketers?

In the article, Barbara is explaining that the power of experiential marketing comes from interactions, connections, networking, and participation. Emotions and relations engage participants to take action. To summarize experiential marketing in one phrase, you can say that you must “think out of the box” to get the proper attention. That’s what it is about.

Details about the implementation of experiential marketing and the planning process of an effective marketing strategy are available in the new article.

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