My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019 – Eventory’s support for attendees’ experience

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My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019 – Eventory’s support for attendees’ experience



At Eventory we believe in the power of customer relationship as we support our clients’ event endeavors. Therefore, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join forces with Maciej Buś, organizer of My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019, and Customer Fixe Foundation in the mission to make the event better experience for its attendees.

While every event Eventory is a part of, is a source of great satisfaction for us, we’re especially glad when we have the chance to assist in preparing an event with mindset close to our hearts. That was the case of My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019. The conference focused on the real experiences that business can provide to its users.

About My Customer World

The conference is a work of Maciej Buś, the main organizer of this event and, additionally, the owner of the podcast Klientomania and Customer Fixe Foundation, who encourages people to take a closer look at the experiences and understanding approach that clients can get from companies nowadays. The event, with its focus on studying and discussing customer care, is inspired by vast experiences we can get in the modern business world.

Among many discussion panels, lectures performed by well-known and experienced practitioners, attendees could experience intense networking opportunities. Everything happening in a friendly, hospitable atmosphere gave attendees not only the ability to exchange views and practical observations but also to create and evolve new businesses.

During this edition of MCW, we had a pleasure to support Maciej in organizational challenges and provide technological solutions to help his vision of smart and efficient networking and communication to come true.

Eventory’s support

Getting in touch with MCW organizers, we knew that we’ll find a common ground to make the conference even better fit its purpose. The crucial areas that we focused on were:

  • Offering attendees with certain packages a tool for active networking and creating business opportunities
  • Engaging attendees in the event experience (mainly through the Live Questions feature)
  • Maintaining active communication both between organizers and attendees, and participants with each other
  • Gathering feedback for organizers and speakers

At My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019, we addressed the organizers needs with a variety of provided features among which participants could find: Live Questions (which definitely won their hearts), lectures rating, open polls, arranging meetings, personal agenda and much more. We wanted to make sure the attendees’ experience is elevated to a new, higher than ever level.

The outcome

The voices we heard after the 2019 edition of My Customer World turned out to be a true balm to organizers’ and our hearts. This two-day long conference turned out to be a time full of intense opinion exchanges, inspirational speeches and a great combination of expanding businesses and gaining new contacts. We’re looking forward to the next editions.