New feature: SMS invitations & Speaker categories

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New feature: SMS invitations & Speaker categories



We develop new features regularly and those updates are the answer to our partners needs aiming to help them in the event management process. This time we’re introducing two new features: SMS invitations and speaker categories. Find out how this can work for you.

What inspired the change?

SMS invitations are a feature that simply allows you to send a text message campaign to your attendees encouraging them to download the app. This step is crucial both for the attendees and for the organizer. Without the app in use at the event, the participants will miss out on the possibility to actively take part in the event and the organizer won’t be able to provide them with a great experience and collect valuable data for further event evaluation. 

With email campaigns, some of the organizers struggled with a low app download rate. What was the cause? The attendees often opened their emails on desktop thus they didn’t download the app right away and later on it simply slipped their mind. With SMS invitations they get the AppStore or Google Play link directly to their phone making is easy to join the event in Eventory.

How do SMS invitations work?

You will find this feature in your Eventory dashboard, where you can create a campaign, send it right away or (very helpful) schedule it for a designated time. It works similarly to the email campaign, as you can see in the panel who opened the link making it easier to categorize the attendees and send a reminder to those who didn’t join the event. 

If you want to try it out, you can send a test campaign. However, there is a limit of 5 texts sent per hour and a maximum of 20 a day, so there is no spamming or other abuses. Every event has a limited number of sms invitations as well, but once you use up yours, feel free to contact us to get more. 

This feature is a great way to complete your event promotion and reach those attendees who needed a different approach.

What’s more? Speaker categories!

That’s not the end of our news. We also added a handy feature that allows you to categorize your speakers in a similar way as the attendees. It’s just like the tags for the speakers. It is particularly useful at events with numerous tracks and a large number of speakers, so with the speaker categories it’s easier to contact the right ones.