The 7th edition of Personal Democracy Forum CEE joins forces with Eventory to support an important case

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The 7th edition of Personal Democracy Forum CEE joins forces with Eventory to support an important case



Our partnerships bring us pride, especially when we see potential in the values represented by the event. So this happens with Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2019. We see the importance of the topic and willingly support the modern attitude toward event organization. The event is reaching the next level through the 3 new ways to achieve its goals, see how.


Idea – the story behind

People keep worrying about mistrust and tend to blame it for increasing populism, spreading fake news and communities breaking apart. This is only one part of the truth. Regardless of the object, trust is always there. The question is in what and In Whom We Trust.

Increasing trust is a matter of good collaboration between communities, societies, governments and individuals. Solutions should be provided rather than products. Governments and media should not feel comfortable with simply bringing in “cool” tools and attractive clickbait. “They” and “we” should work together on developing processes, defining impactful problems and discovering effective results.

Personal Democracy Forum CEE

Personal Democracy Forum launched in Poland in 2013, is a regional branch of New York City PDF organized since 2004 by Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry of Personal Democracy Media, the founders of Civic Hall. That’s the second biggest edition after the American one.

The 7th edition of Personal Democracy Forum Central and Eastern Europe will take place on April 4-5, 2019 in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk, followed by its satellite event – Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy.

The idea and the story mentioned above are the reason why the seventh edition of the conference will be organized under the overarching theme: IN WHOM WE TRUST.

This year’s PDF CEE will explore the ways to glue back broken circles of trust, build solid collaborations and change authentic individual and collective experience into meaningful solutions.

Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2019 will be a three-day adventure including sparkling keynote presentations, hands-on-work workshop sessions, time for networking and fun side events. This annual conference offers space for experience exchange for people working for civic participation and transparency in public life with the help of new technologies in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.


New goals that bring the event to a new level

Every edition of the event is different. That creates a chance to implement changes or feedback from participants and also follow trends. The organizer (ePaństwo Foundation) set himself a few goals for the upcoming edition of the Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2019:

#1 Ecology

Nowadays, environmental problems become a more and more important issue in the world, which is being loudly spoken about. Organizers, just as the commune of Gdańsk, emphasize the aspect of ecology and put a big effort to organize the event which aligns with their values. What are the aspects of the environmentally friendly event?

  • no plastic, no disposable products
  • no unnecessary prints and papers – digital communication with participants through the Eventory application
  • vegan and vegetarian menu options
  • zero waste philosophy, including recycling banner from the previous edition into new bags

#2 Networking

That’s an important improvement for both attendees and organizers who come to the event. As a participant, you want to meet other attendees or talk with one of the active community members, to present them your idea, to gain their interest and finally – to develop your current project or jointly set up a brand new one. People are searching for projects with great potential, that would be worth spreading.

Two sides can arrange meetings and start valuable relation right away during the event (or even schedule it earlier!). We’re proud to say that Meetings feature in Eventory application is being an important part of the new level of networking.

#3 Feedback

New feedback possibility is a total game changer when we talk about the interactions and engaging event participants. Digital feedback survey will be available during the whole event for all attendees. This way participants are able to write down fresh thoughts and express their point of view. What is important – they can do it on their mobile phones. Don’t even think about paper documents to fill – that’s against the #1 goal!

If you want to attend PDF CEE 2019 in Gdańsk – check the registration form. There are still some places left!