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We are a company with a business gene, but also and most importantly we are a tech firm!

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The focal point of our company’s blog is to exploit our experience, cooperation with satisfied clients and engaged participants to educate our industry and disseminate good practices. Although, there comes a moment, when our motivated colleagues, surprise and remind us of the fact, that we are a high-powered tech company. This is the moment when you come to realize that your company is prospering like a well-oiled machine with a robust support from the team. It is not always noticeable how they all work and it is definitely acknowledgeable when this support is falling through, but with all certainty, it fills your heart with pride, when work becomes autonomous and out of one’s own initiative.

You may be wondering why I am writing about this.
This is exactly what is happening in our team. We have been developing Eventory for three years now. At the beginning of building a tech company, a technology must be chosen, which the system will be built on. What usually happens is that a solution, which is already on the market, is chosen based on possessed knowledge, experience, and best intentions. What you need to know, is that it is a decision that you make for the next couple of years, so it is some way of gambling- the chosen technology can thrive or not. You can never be sure of this. There will be three consequences of the decision made:
– You can evolve very quickly, find new employees with ease, who are motivated to work,
– You can evolve at a slower pace, due to outdated technology and it becomes harder to find new talent for your team,
– You can have good developers, who can easily, thanks to their hard work, transform your technology, what in result will make your platform develop faster.

So which option is the best?
At first glance, the first option seems to be the winner, but when keeping in mind that technologies change fast, the best option might just turn out to be mediocre. In that case, only the third option could be your savior and personally, I am glad to say that I work with a team, which constantly surprises us with their support.

If you would like to find out more about our accomplishments so far and a binary code does not scare you, please visit the link below.

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