3 simple ways to measure B2B lead generation efficiency during the event

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3 simple ways to measure B2B lead generation efficiency during the event



Business to business lead generation brings many marketing benefits. Events are one of the best tools for acquiring new prospects and leads. However, in order to do it efficiently, you must, for sure, learn ways to measure the effectiveness of lead generation activities. Only by knowing accurate statistics, you can correct the course of future sales and marketing activities if you need to.

Business to business lead generation – the basics

What is the generation of leads for the B2B segment based on? To put it briefly, the point is to “create” potential business clients from the corporate as well as from the private sector. The activities aim at arousing their interest and willingness to engage in brand relationships.

One of the types of lead generation is B2B sales lead generation. It is related to answering the needs according to a specific situation or purchase decision. The specificity of such leads is based upon the demographic data, financial situation or formal and legal status. This, in turn, is to lead to the appropriate conversion rate level, i.e. the number of interested entities that will make the assumed purchase decision.

To measure B2B lead generation efficiency during the event you will need specific tools. This data can be obtained in a simple and effective way, with the help of online event software and mobile applications using QR code scanning technology.

Below we highlighted three extremely effective ways to measure the generation of B2B leads during the event.

1. Check how many people have scanned the QR code of your stand

Thanks to the online event software measuring the number of generated leads is definitely simpler and more comfortable. During the event, you can check the statistics on the number of participants who have scanned the QR code of your booth.

All you need to do is use the Eventory Scanner mobile application, an application that supports the Eventory platform. It allows for comprehensive service and control of the number of scans of your stand at the fair. This application is one of the links of the entire Eventory ecosystem. So you do not have to worry about the lack of integration with other tools and the risk of duplicating data.

You will quickly get the necessary data during a specific event. Also, you can use it in B2B relations with partner companies and other exhibitors.

You don’t have to worry about the security of information obtained and statistics of scanning the QR code. All data is encrypted using the cutting-edge security systems. The process of synchronizing these packages with the multi-functional Eventory platform is also covered with appropriate security measures. Access to them is only available to the entity organizing the event or the operator who obtained the authorization.

Knowledge about the number of participants who have scanned the QR code is easy for further statistical “processing” and analysis. The disadvantage of this method is the lack of information about the feelings and emotions of potential customers in relation to the exposure of the stand, as well as the brand itself. You must know that such qualitative issues are important in business to business relations. They allow to determine the temperature of the lead, and thus its attractiveness in terms of further cooperation. In the end, the numbers themselves can not accurately reflect the temperature of the lead.

Temperature of the leads

B2B leads are divided into cold, warm and hot. Temperature refers, in the simplest terms, to the readiness of a potential customer to be more interested in interacting with the brand.
Cold B2B leads are people who have noticed the brand and showed moderate interest in further interaction. These are people who have not made any declarations of further contact or purchase.
Warm B2B leads are people who have done some more advanced action and you can assume that your relationship will not end there.
Hot B2B leads are those who are almost ready to buy – if you give them an agreement, they’ll probably sign it.

The surveys that you can carry out during the event will help you in obtaining qualitative data.

2. Run an interactive survey

The track of B2B sales lead generation during the events can also be based on conducting surveys using the appropriate event survey tool.

An event survey tool that runs real-time surveys can be found, among others, within the Eventory platform. It gives participants the opportunity to express their opinion. By modeling questions and their precision you can affect the quality of the obtained data. In this way, participants become co-creators of your performance at the event.

Conducting surveys during industry events with potential competitors or partners allows for the market recognition. It is caused by the presence of a large target group, to which you normally do not have such good access. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to develop a better strategy and tactics for your incoming activities.

An unquestionable advantage of the Eventory tool is the possibility of making a real-time questionnaire. It will help you introduce elements such as Q&A sessions, or the additional interactivity of your stand. Immediate feedback affects the higher quality. Opinions expressed on an ongoing basis are usually fuller and less distorted than the post-factum ones. This feature also allows a direct reaction, even during the event.

The virtual way of expressing opinions has another one important advantage. It makes the people who share their thoughts feel comfortable. In traditional surveys, either written or spoken, the context may bring down to the opinioner. This, in turn, may arouse his aversion to the event itself as well as the brands and exhibitors. In such situations, surveys may work quite the reverse of their intentions. Interactive, virtual surveys will allow you to avoid such a risk and additionally increase the level of involvement of the participants of the event.

Acquiring qualitative data using surveys allows you to prepare perfectly personalized offers for potential customers. This will have a significant impact on their subsequent decisions.

3. Count the listed virtual business cards – one of the possible ways to use QR codes

Eventory QR code scanner, allows you to use these codes during the event to exchange business cards with your potential partners. You can even perform this exchange as a collectors’ game (similar to collecting stamps), which will involve more ‘players’.

Among the other ways to use QR codes, this one allows you to establish new B2B relationships, that can transform into sales leads. The immediate exchange of business cards can also be used as a form of presentation of a specific sales offer. Just include the need to visit the company’s website. One of the Eventory application features allows you the possibility to count and analyze such collected business cards.

An additional advantage of exchanging virtual business cards is that they will not be lost in the depths of the briefcase and will be easy to sort.


Events are a great source of B2B leads. During the whole process, it is worth keeping the track of the goal (which is generating the right number of leads). The aforementioned methods will greatly simplify this task. It will give you more time to build relations with prospects.

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