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Conference mobile guide

Is there a conference guide that doesn’t suck (and doubles as an attendee traffic analyzer)?

For one reason or another event arrangement is an activity that involves a lot of resources. So it is necessary…
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A killer post–event report for partners: what data it calls for?

Bear in mind, that the event doesn't end when the last visitors leave the venue. All leads require nurturing. And…
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Why is it crucial to set KPI: Event management edition

A strong employer branding is crucial when it comes to the workplace. It will help you create an office full…
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How to gather event feedback? Form questions examples & other useful tips

Gathering feedback from event attendees is a vital part of the event itself. Surveys,  polls, and questionnaires are one of…
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event marketing the misunderstanding

Event marketing – the misunderstanding

Event marketing is often wrongly explained as all the actions promoting the event. Nothing could be further from the truth.…
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Smart solutions to streamline spreadsheet hell in event management

Thanks to technological development, the management of resources in an organization has come a long way, from paper and pencil,…
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How to Harness the Value of Event Data and Make Better Decisions-01

How to Harness the Value of Event Data and Make Better Decisions

We can’t stress enough how much data is crucial when it comes to making right business decisions. However, gathering information…
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How do you understand event marketing?

Let’s spare a moment and dive into a reflection about the event industry. Recently, I had some time to think…
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how to read the data about your attendees

How to Read the Data About Your Attendees

Data can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to do with it. As event managers, we all experience…
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