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Why is it crucial to set KPI: Event management edition

A strong employer branding is crucial when it comes to the workplace. It will help you create an office full…
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Learn how to get a company to sponsor your event

To get the sponsor for your event you have to convince a company that the investment will return. Is it…
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How to gather event feedback? Form questions examples & other useful tips

Gathering feedback from event attendees is a vital part of the event itself. Surveys,  polls, and questionnaires are one of…
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How to plan a successful event – know your target audience

There is only one chance to make a first impression. It works in every aspect of your life - at…
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Smart solutions to streamline spreadsheet hell in event management

Thanks to technological development, the management of resources in an organization has come a long way, from paper and pencil,…
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The Data Flood Challenges: How to embrace data lakes in large organizations?

Although processing and segmentation of data lakes are not simple processes, they are crucial to the functioning of an organization.…
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How to have a stress-free event and spend more time with your family

“Event apps suck.” Sounds silly, yet this is how I used to think. (more…)
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