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a person with a magnet

How to transform networking party into an ultimate talent magnet

It is a commonly known fact that the labor market is constantly changing. Times, when an employer was drowning in…
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How to attract a crowd to your event in 3 weeks or less and impress your boss forever?

Deadline is approaching. You need to find a brilliant idea to make your event happen with a full list of…
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Cover image for the article about perfect event invitation email

How to write an invitation email to draw hundreds of attendees to your event

Aside from what kind of event you’re creating and how you are creating it, there is one very important factor…
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a/b testing in event promotion

A beginner’s guide to the A/B testing in event promotion

A/B testing in event promotion is a fantastic tool to make a controlled experiment in your marketing. Figure out the…
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get more attendees

How to get more attendees to come to your event? Advanced event promotion tips.

Promoting an event can be tricky. Even if you create a large buzz around it on Facebook and many people…
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social media in event promotion

Social media in event promotion – useful tips for event marketers

There are so many different social media these days, it may be hard to keep up what’s the latest trend.…
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How to promote your events like a real pro

Planning a new event is the same as launching a blog: it doesn’t matter how great the content is —…
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How to add value to your attendees and make them love your event

Do you recognize any of these thoughts? “My client knows best how the event should look.” “This event has to…
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