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10 best TED talks for business. Save managers from the boring international business conferences

We live in the times when almost everything is easily accessible on the Internet. The knowledge is not an exception.…
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top medical conferences

Top Medical Conferences in 2019. Is it worth sending people to a healthcare summit?

The benefits of attending top medical conferences are numerous, from educational values to employer branding. The multitude of events around…
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How to help people in effective networking at the event – case of the Yacht Racing Forum 2017

It is a struggle of many event organizers to help attendees in effective networking at events. Want to know what…
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Why should you attend events when you’re asking for a bigger raise?

Once in a while, in every employee’s mind, there is this tiny, little thought: ‘Maybe I should be paid more?’…
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You don’t need event search engine with this top 10 SEO events list

A vast majority of SEO specialists like to attend events such as summits and conferences. It helps them to keep…
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How to convince your boss to send you to a conference

You are probably familiar with this scenario: you see a nice conference or workshop, the topic is of your interest…
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Image for the article about organizing and attending old-fashioned events

Does organizing and attending events have to be so old-fashioned?

For a while now, I have been wondering why things that should be obvious and the order of the day…
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How to make the most of the events you are attending-01

How to make the most of the events you are attending

Events are a great opportunity to find inspiration, build (business) relations, drive sales. However, just the fact that you are…
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That moment

When you want to try an event app, yet you are skeptical about it…
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