E-book – The Great Book of Event KPIs

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E-book – The Great Book of Event KPIs



Event marketing is getting more and more popular part of marketing strategies these days. Still, many corporations don’t put a proper KPIs to measure its effects. Why is it so important and what indicators are there to choose from? Let’s check the answers.

Why is it worth to measure event KPIs?

Event marketing’s importance as a tool employed by specialists and managers grows every day. Entrepreneurs from various sectors notice that a well-planned strategy of event marketing is crucial for achieving an enterprise’s business goals. Coordinating an outstanding event that fits the global marketing strategy or taking part in the right conference can greatly help in fulfilling predetermined targets. Why? Because an event equals relationships, an asset that cannot be overlooked by a good businessman!

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Assuming that event marketing is a tool used to attain marketing objectives, it is indispensable that before engaging in any event activity you formulate goals that you wish to achieve. But that is not all! The success of every marketer is the ability to measure flawlessly the level of completion of his targets. In order to assess an event’s success, each target must be described by adequate event marketing KPIs which will allow you to evaluate if it was achieved and to what extent. Key performance indicators for an events coordinator, organizer, partner or attendee can be measured by advanced technology that eliminated “the black hole of data management”, a term coined by Corbin Ball. Taking advantage of analytical tools, software and mobile apps you are able to track the KPIs during each stage of the event – before, after and during.

Prior to describing specific event KPIs on which you should focus, pay attention that the goals of the event depend on the role you assume. Whether you are an organizer, a partner, an exhibitor or a participant your scope will differ. You will choose different targets and KPIs to measure them.

Below you’ll find the areas we described in details in The Great Book of Event KPIs. Get your free copy to get access to KPIs descriptions alongside practical insights from our experts.

Event Organizer’s KPIs

When you decide to create an event, you have a wide spectrum of goals that you can achieve, not only marketing goals. First and foremost, as an organizer, you need to answer the following questions: “Why am I organizing this event? What do I want to achieve?”. Next, you should select reasonable KPIs.

Event Partner’s KPIs

It is not mandatory to organize an event yourself. Sometimes, you consider important just the visibility of your brand and products during an event. In such case, you should join the event as a partner. To participate you must invest your money or resources. Choose applicable goals and KPIs to evaluate the efficiency of your cooperation.

Event Exhibitor’s KPIs

During a fair or a conference you may exhibit your own stand to present your brand, services, products, even your company as a future employer. Depending on the goal you wish to achieve during an event, select appropriate KPIs to measure it.

Event Participant salesman’s KPIs

Networking is the main purpose of many events, including industry conferences, fairs or exhibitions. During such events salespersons very actively look for new clients. Your goal will be to create as many relationships as possible and making them count.

Event Participant’s KPIs

Obviously, you can participate in an event as a person who wishes to listen to interesting lectures, get new ideas for their business, meet people from the sector who could become your clients, partners, employees or employers.