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Why events are one of the most effective recruitment method

Recruitment is undoubtedly a complex and time-consuming process. Finding the right candidate may be a real challenge, especially in areas…
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How to attract a crowd to your event in 3 weeks or less and impress your boss forever?

Deadline is approaching. You need to find a brilliant idea to make your event happen with a full list of…
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How to help people in effective networking at the event – case of the Yacht Racing Forum 2017

It is a struggle of many event organizers to help attendees in effective networking at events. Want to know what…
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Top 10 trade show tips for exhibitors and 5 ways to measure if you are doing it right

There are plenty of reasons why you have considered presence of your company at a trade show. However, if you…
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Why should you attend events when you’re asking for a bigger raise?

Once in a while, in every employee’s mind, there is this tiny, little thought: ‘Maybe I should be paid more?’…
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How to plan a successful event – know your target audience

There is only one chance to make a first impression. It works in every aspect of your life - at…
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a/b testing in event promotion

A beginner’s guide to the A/B testing in event promotion

A/B testing in event promotion is a fantastic tool to make a controlled experiment in your marketing. Figure out the…
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social media in event promotion

Social media in event promotion – useful tips for event marketers

There are so many different social media these days, it may be hard to keep up what’s the latest trend.…
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banner blindness-01

Marketing and advertising in the age of “banner blindness”

Every single day we are being surrounded by million kinds of advertisement. It’s no surprise that our brain developed a…
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How to convince your boss to send you to a conference

You are probably familiar with this scenario: you see a nice conference or workshop, the topic is of your interest…
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Top 10 Trends in Events in 2018

New year means new beginnings - also for every event manager. One of the best ways to create a successful…
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How to Set Up an Engaging Environment for Your Attendees

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself before planning your next event: what kind of attendees do you want to…
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