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Conference mobile guide

Is there a conference guide that doesn’t suck (and doubles as an attendee traffic analyzer)?

For one reason or another event arrangement is an activity that involves a lot of resources. So it is necessary…
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Event management: International challenge of organizing PowerUp!

Organizing an event is a demanding task, even for a logistics master. When an event is complex and is happening…
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a person with a magnet

How to transform networking party into an ultimate talent magnet

It is a commonly known fact that the labor market is constantly changing. Times, when an employer was drowning in…
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Top 8 Event Management Mistakes. How to organize an event and fail

“Learn from your mistakes” they say, but we would say “learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own”. While planning…
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Why is it crucial to set KPI: Event management edition

A strong employer branding is crucial when it comes to the workplace. It will help you create an office full…
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Learn how to get a company to sponsor your event

To get the sponsor for your event you have to convince a company that the investment will return. Is it…
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choosing your role during an event

1st rule of lead qualification process in event marketing – specify your role during an event!

Events are great way to gather new sales leads, expand your network, present your offer to the wide audience and…
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How to plan a successful event – know your target audience

There is only one chance to make a first impression. It works in every aspect of your life - at…
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How to prepare your company for GDPR – interview

It is less than a month now, until the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are implemented. There are many rumours…
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banner blindness-01

Marketing and advertising in the age of “banner blindness”

Every single day we are being surrounded by million kinds of advertisement. It’s no surprise that our brain developed a…
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How to convince your boss to send you to a conference

You are probably familiar with this scenario: you see a nice conference or workshop, the topic is of your interest…
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Top 10 Trends in Events in 2018

New year means new beginnings - also for every event manager. One of the best ways to create a successful…
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