Why should you attend events when you’re asking for a bigger raise?

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Why should you attend events when you’re asking for a bigger raise?



Once in a while, in every employee’s mind, there is this tiny, little thought: ‘Maybe I should be paid more?’ There are many ways to approach the hard conversation with the boss. One of the approaches is to list the values you bring to the company. Learn how you can become more valuable for the employer if you attend events.

When you contribute to the company’s performance and go above and beyond, what is required of you, it is obvious, that you would like to be paid accordingly. But not every employer is willing to give pay raises just like that. In this situation, you can either wait patiently and hope, that your employer will recognize your potential or you take the harder but more rewarding route… and go and ask for a raise. But this is not that simple and straightforward as you may think.

Always prepare for the conversation about the raise

Never should you discuss your salary without a proper preparation. Do the research to learn what amount of money would be appropriate for your role and how much you can ask for. Choose the appropriate time and place of the meeting and do not forget about the proper appearance.

A careful planning and strong arguments will make you feel more confident and your chances for success will drastically rise. Specific data you convey to your employer, will determine your professionalism and reliability. Plan the negotiations carefully and consider, what could be your biggest asset and your main argument for your pay rise.

Why you should attend events when you’re asking for a bigger raise?

One of those key arguments and the reason why you should be given a salary increase can be participation is various events. Taking part in events, both as an attendee and as an exhibitor, is undoubtedly a strong plus. There are several advantages of the event participation, that may be of a great value for you as an employee and your employer. They are a source of invaluable knowledge, a place where various professionals, investors, prospect leads and experts meet and they are also a networking spot. As a result of a frequent participation in various events you can be considered an expert in your field and boost you motivation. So how can events help you increase your value?

Events are a source of knowledge

No matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are, there is always something you can learn. An event or a business conference is a gathering of experts and people who have exceptional knowledge, whom you can meet and ask all the questions, that pop up in your mind. Use all opportunities to get in touch with the people of whom you have just heard and now you have a chance to talk face to face. Either use the breaks between the panels or ask just after the speech.

Getting a new perspective and new ideas can have great benefits for your future performance. The inspiration and new solutions, that you have gained from others can boost your effectiveness and trigger your growth. You can share the information you have acquired during an event which may lead to increased productivity and better results among other employees.

Treat events as an investment in yourself

Obvious as it sounds, this is one of the most important reasons of attending conferences and events. This argument is strongly connected to learning and acquiring knowledge, however, it is crucial to highlight the importance of self-realization and constant improvement. The knowledge, that you can gain is always worth attending the event.

It also enriches your personality and broadens your horizons as you meet people from around the world. You may polish your language skills, improve in negotiations, and even strengthen your social skills. Take advantage of the venue, visit new places and find time for a quick sightseeing. This is an investment in yourself, your career and your company. The more you know and experienced, the more valuable you are in the eyes of the employer – the current or the future one.

Events keep you up with the latest news and solutions

Marketing is a field where a lot is going on. Staying updated with trends is a challenging task. New tools and new technologies are popping like mushrooms and to make the most of them… you need to know them. During a conference or an event you have an opportunity to see and experience the latest, innovative solutions and strategies.

In the place full of enthusiasts from the same field, you are introduced with many real-life examples of using the solutions you are exposed to. Even if you are familiarized with some of the ideas, the experience shared by the powerful speakers and experts will allow you to systematize your knowledge and point you in the right direction on how to implement them in your company.

Events allow you to present your ideas

You can learn from the others but the others can learn from you as well. During a conference or an event, there is a multitude of possibilities for the people to get to know you and your company better. There is also a place to market your brand and distribute your promotional materials. You can present your latest achievements and ideas. Sharing your knowledge and exchanging the insights and points of view will not only broaden your perspective but it can also help others to achieve their goals.

Use events to gather valuable feedback

Even if your company and your brand is successful and recognizable in the market, you may have some difficulties you are facing at the moment. Maybe you want to expand your business or choose a new strategy for your brand. On the conference or an event, you will find people, who once were in the place, you are now and they can share their experience.

You can also seek advice and get non-standard solutions for issues you could’t deal with by yourself. Discussing such matters in person will give not only a valuable knowledge but also, it can turn into a long lasting collaboration between your companies.

Be perceived as an expert in your industry

Being active and engaged in your industry, showing up on various events, conferences and workshops, and sharing your knowledge will result in your being considered an expert in your field.

People are more likely to collaborate with those, whom they know in person and whom they admire and recognize as a knowledgeable and trustworthy person. This is a valuable opportunity to promote your company and build awareness of your company’s brand and products. It is also a chance to find new clients and become recognizable by your competitors.

Set eyes on your competitors

In order to beat your enemies, you need to know them. An event is a perfect place to talk to the representatives of your market competition face to face. You can get to know the strategies, tools and technologies that work for others and try to draw conclusions how to improve your company’s performance. Be a careful listener and observer. Talk, ask and learn your lesson from other professionals. One slight change in your strategy or in your way of thinking may have a big impact on your overall performance.

Find the benefits of professional networking

Digital communication may be a great way to maintain relationships and stay in touch, however it is a face-to-face meeting, that helps strengthening the existing business connections and building the new ones.

Events are places, where many investors, providers and prospects meet, and if you are open to new acquaintances, you can create many valuable business opportunities for your company. Who knows, if the person you are talking to during the event is not your next customer or a person who is willing to invest in your company? If the event will be profitable for your firm, you have a great chance to be rewarded by your boss.

Learn with no distractions

If you are physically present on the conference or event, it is the here and now, and only it, you are focused on. Learning in a news space, new, sometimes exotic and beautiful surroundings create an undistracted experience. You can absorb knowledge without stress, you are focused only on what the speakers want to communicate. It would not be possible in your regular workplace where you have plenty of tasks, you day-to-day workload which sometimes may lead to you falling into a rut.

Give yourself a boost of motivation

If it happened that you lack motivation or energy to strive for success an event is a perfect way to change your current state of mind. A new place, new people and a pleasurable, energetic atmosphere will definitely boost your morale and give you new power. Entrepreneurs sharing their stories and telling about their success can definitely serve as a source of motivation. A change of surroundings and a temporary getaway from your daily duties will allow you to get a fresh perspective. And of course, there is also time to have fun! As the famous proverb says: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – a bit of entertainment can do a lot of good. You will feel relaxed and full of new energy for work. Knowing all of this, let’s answer the question:

How to pick the right events to attend?

As it can be seen, conferences, workshops and events have many advantages. There is no possibility, that you go back from the event totally disappointed. Every single event makes you challenge yourself and get out of the comfort zone.

However, there is no chance you can attend all the events organized within your area of interest. You need to be selective as the budget for events and conferences may sometimes be tight. It is advisable to use the tools, that will help you to decide whether the event is really worth going to or not.

With the use of top-notch software such as Eventory Planning, you can search for events that interest you and help you to increase your value as an employee. Then you can make a request to participate in the event, buy the early birds tickets and rate the events you have attended. When planned carefully, you will get the most of all the events you take part in and your employer will have all the necessary data showing your engagement and history of events attended.

Now, when you know, that all the events and conferences you took part in will serve as a great reason for a pay rise, it is time to go and ask. However, how to convince your employer, that your participation in the event may be beneficial not only for you but also for the whole company? What makes a great employee?

As it was mentioned at the very beginning of this article, preparation is a key for success. There are several things you need to do before you enter your boss’ office and ask this fundamental question. Here are some tips on how to ask for more salary and succeed.

How to ask for more salary and succeed?

Here’s a quick recap on how to ask for a raise and succeed.

Do your research carefully

Know your employer’s pay practices and the standard procedure of applying for a pay raise. Find out what are the company’s policies on rewarding employees and adjust to the timeline. Check the employee handbook or gather some information from your Human Resources department. Perhaps it is advisable to ask at the beginning of the new financial year or after completing the full year of employment. Take also into consideration the current financial performance of your company and the market conditions in your sector.

Check how much $$ you can get

It is still connected with the research part, however it is necessary to stress the importance of requesting a reasonable and fair amount of money. In  order to get this information you can try to establish the average salary in your industry by searching the similar positions in other companies discreetly ask your co-workers working in your sector.

However, keep in mind, that money is a sensitive topic and there may be a case that your colleagues will not be willing to discuss it. Instead you can check services like or to see how much people with the the position similar to yours earn monthly or yearly. Even if you get this information, do not use the other employers’ offers and your colleagues’ salaries as an argument during the discussion with your boss. This is rather an indicator and a hint for setting a reasonable amount of money you can get.

List your strengths, accomplishments and responsibilities

Armed with the facts, you will have a legit justification of your request. Your measurable contribution to the company’s performance, your skills and engagement in education and improvement are the most significant rationale for a salary increase.

Here you can list the skills and competencies, that you have acquired during conferences and events. Present the innovations you have implemented into the company, the new contacts you have made and the revenue you have generated. All the new responsibilities that you have recently taken and the projects that you have successfully led to an end will serve as a strong argument.

Think also about the soft skills, that make you a valuable worker and colleague. They may tip the balance and become the decisive point, when reviewing your salary increase request. The the more specific data you gather, the more solid your arguments are and the chances for getting the raise increase.

Make a plan

Asking for a salary increase on Monday, before your boss had his morning coffee is not the best idea. The busiest time of the week when your boss is having a really tight schedule will also not serve you good.

There is never a perfect time for discussing salary but some periods of time are more convenient than the other. These moments are e.g. after you are given more responsibilities, when the company announces positive financial performance, or when you complete a project you have been working on for a longer period of time. Such positive events and a rather quiet moment in your employer’s calendar will work in your advantage. Remember also to schedule the meeting in advance and estimate the duration of the conversation.

Do you deserve it or do you need it?

Do not go too personal. Higher costs of life or a sudden need of financial injection are not the arguments your employer wants to hear. The pay raise should be based on your performance, not your current needs and difficulties. Stay professional and keep the personal reasons for yourself. Prepare the list of your accomplishments to highlight, that the pay raise you ask for is because you have earned it, not because you just need it.

Dress to impress

Even if there is no specific dress code in your company, you will always be cast in a more positive light if you look good. Although, the clothes do not make a man, by looking good, you make an impression of a professionalist. An impeccable attire will also add you more self – confidence and courage. Your appearance should act you your benefit and by an appropriate image of yourself you show respect for your job and your employer. A few minutes more spent on perfecting your look may help you to succeed in the negotiations.

Stay calm

Easier said than done, because asking for a bigger raise of your salary is always a stressful situation, no matter how well-prepared you may be. However, your tone and speed of voice and your body language may reveal, that you are stressed out and diffident.

Try to speak slowly, confidently, without long breaks and repetitions. Have an open body language, do not cross your arms and stand straight. Rehearsing your speech may be a good idea. Your salary increase proposal should be stated clearly and explicitly but not aggressively. Always listen what your speaker wants to say and do not interrupt.

Be prepared to hear ‘no’

First of all, the decision will not be made immediately, so arm yourself with patience. If, however, your request will be declined, think what else, except for financial benefits, you can get from your employer. Maybe a new equipment, sending you for an event you always wanted to participate in or an extra day of remote working.

Ask also for feedback. Knowing the reason of declining your request will give you an opportunity to improve. You can learn and draw conclusions for the future. You may also write a follow up email to sum up the conversation and thank your boss for his remarks and suggestions.

Wrap up

Asking for a bigger raise is not an easy task. Before you go and make a request to your boss, ask yourself a question: What makes a great employee? Definitely, there are your skills and involvement. Trying to do your best and showing your best side whatever you are into is a good way to become a highly-prized and reputable employee.

Both your market value and reputation will raise along with your salary. When asking for a salary increase you need to pinpoint all your professional achievements as well as your soft skills, which can make a world of difference in making the final decision by your employer. It is necessary to constantly improve and develop both of the sides: professional and personal.

Taking part in conferences, workshops and business events is an ideal opportunity for improvement and development. Benefits of conferences are numerous. These are a unique combination of learning moments, networking and contact making with a little bit of fun in a single venue. There is no better chance to meet so many influential and inspiring people, be surrounded by experts and enthusiasts, to soak knowledge in a pleasurable and motivating environment.

Although, the financial costs of you travelling to a conference, especially international, may be high, the benefits definitely exceed the costs. Be selective, when choosing the events you want to take part in. It is important to select these, which will be really beneficial for you and your company. Make the most of the latest technologies, which will allow you to make the most of the event and your participation will be something more than listening to the lectures and speeches. If you want to step out of the professional crowd, be the best in what you do and be considered an expert, you cannot stay passive. You need to believe in your competences, gain confidence and constantly learn new things.

Are you planning to attend any conferences this year? Do you know other benefits of taking part in the events? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.