E-book: TOP 5 CMO’s Operational Problems (followed by solutions)

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E-book: TOP 5 CMO’s Operational Problems (followed by solutions)



Operational management at the CMO level is inextricably associated with numerous challenges. Their impact on business management is still being tested. So what are the most common challenges CMOs have to deal with nowadays? What are the possible solutions to ensure the good efficiency of the whole company? Dive into the latest e-book and find out TOP 5 CMO’s problems!


Who are the modern CMOs? 

First of all, it is worth considering who nowadays CMO is? Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for creating a coherent plan that will lead to business development and increase sales. However, such a strategic marketing plan takes more than just an attractive advertisement or brand promotion.

The task of a modern CMO is to navigate between the ever-changing trends in marketing, business and new technologies. Every day, the CMO rediscovers where their scope of work starts and where it ends. It is this aspect of focusing on a customer that causes CMO responsibilities to change. A customer has a need – the CMO responds to it flexibly. 

What are the most common CMO’s problems ? 

With not entirely defined scope of work that CMO has to deal with the challenges to face appear mostly on an operational basis. Every day, Chief Marketing Officers need to keep track of the situation and be able to react in case of any errors both in the teams’ work or the effectiveness of the department itself. 

Operational activities have a large impact on the implementation of the company’s long-term strategic tasks. In the case of CMO, operational problems can be encountered on many levels. However, they are most clearly visible in the following categories:

  • budget,
  • collecting, processing and analyzing data from marketing activities (including soft ones),
  • setting goals,
  • leadership crisis,
  • CMO’s inefficiency.

How to deal with problems?

The challenges that modern CMO has to face in the day-to-day work are complex. Sounds scary? Undoubtedly it does, but we did our best to examine the problems’ causes to save you from all the worries and present to you a full guide book on how to overcome operational errors of CMO’s work. 

Grab your copy of the brand new e-book and dive into the world of operational problems, solutions and preventive measures!

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