Eventory product update – August 2021

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Eventory product update – August 2021



Our product update starts here! We will keep you up-to-date with all exciting changes we make regularly on our platform. Feel free to share your feedback with us as we develop new features based on what is the most wanted by our customers and the market.


This month we bring you:

  1. 1:1 chat initiated during the transmission
  2. Workshops with limited seats
  3. Virtual rooms
  4. Webinars
  5. Virtual booths for exhibitors


1:1 chat initiated during the transmission

Networking is a very important part of every event. We always work on making it more and more intuitive and easy to use. With this update we add an option for attendees to start a conversation with other participants in the streaming window. From now on, your attendees don’t need to leave the session to start networking.


Workshops with limited seats

We heard our customers’ voices loud and clear so in response we created a new type of a session – one that has a limited number of seats. The organizer decides for each track item if they want to set a limit of participants for sessions. As a result, attendees will have to sign up for that lecture in order to be able to participate in it. Moreover, you can also move these limited lectures, or workshops if you prefer, to an additional tab called Activities. This way your special sessions will gain better visibility.


Virtual rooms & webinars

Our goal is to make the event organization process as easy as possible for event organizers and exceptional for attendees. We added new video options to our portfolio. Now, you don’t need any extra tools to host a webinar or a virtual meeting in Eventory. All you have to do is add a track item to the schedule and start the transmission from our studio. You can learn more about all available video options in Eventory right here.

Eventory webinar solution

Virtual booths for exhibitors

Offering a valuable proposition for exhibitors at virtual events may be a struggle, so we added more possibilities for exhibitors to interact with attendees. Each exhibitor in Eventory can set up a virtual booth where they can meet with participants. It is a great place to give a presentation about the company, show products and services and have a discussion with prospecting leads.

 In the next product update you will learn about: 
  1. Hybridity of events in Eventory
  2. Group chat
  3. Video chat between attendees
  4. Landing page customization
  5. New analytics