New video solutions in Eventory

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New video solutions in Eventory



We have seen enormous growth in online meeting and event solutions. Nobody doubts the importance of Zoom, MS Teams, Skype in today’s business. Numerous team meetings, conferences, company gatherings are organized with these platforms. Eventory goes one step further making it even smoother and faster to set up an online event. 


To the wide offer of features included in the Eventory platform, we have just added some exciting video solutions that give the organizers even more flexibility and independence when it comes to hosting events and meetings. From now on you don’t even need any external solutions to e.g. host a webinar with Eventory. Within a few clicks you open the presenter window and have all necessary features in one place.

Online events now

In order to create a successful online event you need great content, speakers, the right audience and a virtual venue. Instead of a conference room, we use online platforms such as Zoom, Webex or a professional studio (offline). The chosen form depends on the concept of the event and its size. For bigger events with several speakers, it might be a better idea to hire a professional studio that will take care of all technical aspects and impressive visuals. However, for regular events that don’t require “special visual effects” organizers usually decide to go with one of the popular online meeting and webinar platforms. 

Difference between online studio and offline studio

For better attendee experience and event analytics, organizers choose Eventory to provide participants with more than just a video streaming and properly measure the event. They host their events on Eventory using our integrated solutions being completely independent from any extra tools. 

BTW, as you are organizing a virtual event you may want to check this online meeting etiquette and communicate it to the participants in order to ensure the smooth flow of the meeting.


All video solutions in Eventory

Now we cover all scenarios an event organizer may have in terms of organizing an online event – webinars, bigger conferences, virtual meetings etc. Thanks to this, our customers are less dependent on external tools because they have it all within our platform.


#1 Eventory Streaming

For everyone using an offline studio, OBS studio or any other tool to start the transmission and send the RTMP signal to Eventory. Our system receives it and displays in the platform with all engagement features we offer – group chat, live questions, networking, surveys & votings in the stream, reactions and more! It is a great solution for bigger events and those with more advanced visuals that require some technical work. Thanks to the Eventory Streaming you only need to manage the content and the platform will do the rest.

When would you use Eventory Streaming?

  • big conferences, summits, galas
  • events transmitted from an offline studio using RTMP signal
  • events where you want to create exceptional visual effects and need studio for that


#2 Webinar

If you are planning to organize a webinar, with Eventory now you don’t need any extra tool for that. You can simply enter your operator panel, create a session and jump to the Eventory Studio right away and start our webinar! It is also very intuitive to invite other speakers as you have your host control center in one place. On top of that, your attendees will enjoy all engagement features they know from Eventory Streaming – chat, live questions, networking etc.

When would you use a Webinar?

  • webinars, lectures
  • sessions where you don’t need your attendees to speak 


#3 Virtual room

This is a solution similar to the webinar but in the virtual room all attendees can speak and turn on their camera. It will be a great fit for workshops, training, smaller sessions where the organizers want the participants to be able to communicate.

When would you use a Virtual room?

  • debates, discussions
  • internal meetings
  • workshops
  • smaller events where you need your attendees to participate in the conversation

#4 Embedded Video Player

Hosting an event on Vimeo, YouTube or other video player that you would like to embed in the Eventory streaming window? No problem! We understand that you may already have implemented video solutions you like and know well but still want to offer the attendees the best experiences that Eventory can give them. You host your event from your chosen platform and embed in Eventory – simple as that!

When would you use an Embedded Video Player?

  • when you use your own tool (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube) to broadcast but want to host your event with Eventory


#5 Link to an external platform (MS Teams, Webex etc.)

Some organizations are required to use particular video solutions and we are ready for it. If you need to host your event on MS Teams or Webex, you can add the link to the external platform in the Eventory schedule and your attendees will be redirected to the given link. 

When would you use a Link to an external platform (MS Teams, Webex etc.)

  • meetings, calls that you need to host on one of the external platforms like Teams or Webex


#6 Zoom

We also offer a solution for Zoom users. You can add a link to your Zoom meeting or webinar in the schedule in Eventory and send your participants to the right link when the session starts. In the meantime you can use off Eventory features to communicate and engage with your attendees.

When would you use Zoom?

  • calls and meetings that you need to host directly on Zoom


What do new Eventory video solutions bring?

Most importantly they give our customers a lot of flexibility in choosing the right video option for their events as well as the possibility to let go of some extra tools for event organization. The well known options are still available, so you can always host your event through Zoom in Eventory. However, you now also have the option to simply run your event directly through Eventory Webinar or Virtual Meeting, without any external tools. This is the place where you can moderate live questions, manage speakers, pass the microphone to the attendees, view the group chat. It is very easy also for the speakers who receive a link from you to join the studio. And the best part – you get statistics from the online presence, so you know who participated and how long they stayed!

Everything you need to create an amazing event in on platform