Online Meeting Etiquette

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we live and work. Many of us have shifted to remote work, and many business meetings are now held online. Participating in virtual meetings is still a new thing for many of us, and we do not always know how to handle them right. If you are also feeling tensed and stressed while zooming, read our article to learn what are the most important online meeting etiquette rules!

Online meeting etiquette – best practices

If you want to be seen as a professional and well-prepared partner, follow our ten online meeting etiquette tips!

#1 Always turn on your camera

Turning your camera on is the first step in accomplishing meeting goals. If you don’t want to hide from other participants, it may be perceived as unprofessional, and your interlocutors may feel that you are not interested in the conversation.

#2 Dress appropriately

One of the most important tips of the online meeting etiquette is that your clothes should always match the occasion, meaning that if the meeting is formal, you should wear an elegant outfit, e.g., when you talk to important business partners or to your boss.

#3 Increase the connection quality

If your internet connection is slow, do your best to improve it. Try upgrading your Wi-Fi – it should let you participate in online meetings without errors and connection lost.

#4 Take care of the environment

Always pay attention to details that may be seen in your camera. No one wants to see the mess you have in your room! Even if you blur the background, remember that when you move, some parts of the room may become visible. If you struggle to find a good spot for an online meeting, try some backgrounds to upload to your meeting tool. You can also create a custom one using

#5 Leave your house if necessary

When you participate in a virtual conversation, the online meeting etiquette requires you to behave just like on a regular meeting. If you feel that you are unable to stay professional at home, e.g., your kids or dog are loud or your neighbor’s house is being renovated, simply take your computer to a peaceful place with a fast internet connection.


#6 Don’t get distracted

When you work at home, there may be a number of different distractors which can potentially attract your attention. Try to focus on a meeting as much as it is possible – don’t watch TV, read magazines or browse through Facebook.

#7 Mute your microphone while listening

If you are not an active participant, remember to mute your microphone. It will minimize the risk of interrupting the meeting with unwanted background noise.

#8 Have a glass of water always with you

Another important online meeting etiquette rule is that you should never leave the meeting when it is in progress. Prepare a glass of water before the conversation and all other things that you may need.

#9 Do not eat

Never eat when you talk. It is not only rude, but may also result in choking! If you feel that you may become hungry during the session, eat a snack or a dinner before.

#10 Stay alert

There is nothing worse than participating in an online meeting without paying attention to what other people say. Avoid daydreaming. If you have troubles with focusing, you may try to take notes.


We hope that our online meeting etiquette do’s and don’ts will help you behave more professionally on virtual meetings. Just follow them to become more successful.