TOP 10 conferences to learn 2019 trends in the hospitality industry

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TOP 10 conferences to learn 2019 trends in the hospitality industry



Have you ever wondered how innovations leading to success are born? Contrary to appearances, this is not primarily a matter of luck (although it also comes in handy) or the talent itself. The basis is to be up-to-date in your field and draw conclusions from observations and trends! In the hospitality industry, this is as much important as in any other. Check our list to see where you can learn the hottest hospitality trends for 2019.

The dream of many entrepreneurs is not only to create something new, which corresponds to the current needs of the consumer of hospitality and hotel services. They want to upgrade the given product or service and outpace their competitors. Some of them even want to recognize and satisfy completely unknown needs of their guests. However, you can not do it off the top of your head. First, you need to watch closely the market events and draw the appropriate conclusions from which you can build a new and unique quality.

In 2019, there will be plenty of hotel and catering events, like a hospitality conference where you can look for some fresh inspiration.

Stay up-to-date with hotel industry trends

The hospitality sector is growing at a very fast pace. New initiatives arise exponentially. However, recurring events allow you to find a way through this labyrinth. Their strength lies in a high concentration of many companies operating in the industry in the same place and at the same time.

During those events, each of the exhibitors wants to show off a little bit, presenting their latest products and solutions. When you are at such an event, you can scan the current state of the market and find new niches and fields for improvement.

These events have the power to shape and model behavior on the market. Their participants influence each other, thus defining the current trends. To be informed, know the current trends, and the recognize the actions of competitors or potential partners is extremely important. Especially if you want to be a specialist in your field. For this reason, it is worth to keep track of this type of events, if you care about the circulation of information, opinions and news.


Influencing the general trends in the hospitality industry

There are several areas that are particularly important when it comes to influencing the general trends in the hospitality industry.

The first is technology. Each manager or director must be up to date when it comes to the latest technological achievements, e.g. catering equipment or hotel room reservation systems. Fairs or conferences are full of the latest achievements improving the provision of direct services to the customer.

Another area is human resource management. From hotel and catering events you can learn how to efficiently use the potential of your employees and how to shape a friendly working environment using the latest management methods. Not to mention, there are plenty of events when you can headhunt some talents to your team.

An exceptionally vivid area of hotel and catering trends is marketing and advertising. Events can be used to advertise both their services and brand. They also create space to exchange insights regarding new forms of raising interest among potential consumers of a given product or service. Often, at such events, you can get free advice tailored to your current situation. The best part is, there will be plenty of people with the same everyday struggles as yours. They can tell you how do they cope with these problems on a daily basis.

New technologies that help you find events about the current trends in the hospitality industry

There are plenty of hospitality events every year and new ones are still coming. Your priority should be to choose the most valuable ones. Then you will be able to pick events most suitable for your professional activities.

Fortunately, software and mobile apps come to the rescue. These tools include Eventory planning. This app allows you to find the most valuable events in relation to your preferences. What’s more, the app collects all the events that will interest you in one place. The app is also great for the person that decides who should go to a given conference or trade fair. The system allows you for better budget planning.

In addition, there is a feature of archiving events in which the team took part. This is especially useful while you like to plan ahead. You can analyze the history of last year’s business trips and create a satisfying schedule for the current one. It is also a great opportunity to evaluate the profitability of participating in subsequent stages of a given event, e.g. by calculating costs travel, accommodation and stay.

Trends in the hospitality industry: events you can not miss

Below we present a list of 15 events from the hotel and catering industry, where you can follow current trends in the hospitality industry in the upcoming season.

1. AnfaS Hotel Equipment

When: January 2019

Where: Antalya, Turkey

This event is the opening of the season. It is held in a beautiful city of Antalya in a sunny Turkey. This 4-day event an international trade platform to the exhibitors and stakeholders. Exhibitors have different profiles. There are producers of:

  • Industrial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment
  • Hotel Textile, Furniture, Bed and Decoration Materials
  • Kitchen, Bathroom Materials and Equipment
  • Security and Automation Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Consumables and Equipment
  • Lighting and Electrical Materials
  • Pool, Sauna, SPA, Fitness and Equipment
  • Information Systems and Electronic Office Tools
  • Park, Garden, Beach & Landscaping Materials
  • Event, Congress Services and Equipment
  • You can also find some associations among them.

AnfaS Hotel Equipment is addressed mostly to general managers and CEOs. So if you want to start the year with a proper dose of knowledge and inspiration, book a ticket to Antalya today.

2. International Gastronomy Fair EuroGastro

When: March 2019

Where: Nadarzyn, Poland

International Gastronomy Fair EuroGastro is one of the largest Polish events of this type. They mainly concern kitchen equipment (various types of accessories, furniture, kitchen clothes) and food products (like drinks, confectionery, ice-cream and so on). Also, baristas will find something interesting for them (coffee and coffee-related accessories).

The event will be most interesting for employees who are responsible for organizing the workplace, as well as staff, whose responsibilities include arranging menus. The professional knowledge presented in the event should result in interesting conclusions and upgrades. What’s more, fairs support making new contacts with equipment manufacturers as well as food suppliers. EuroGastro is definitely worth keeping in mind when it comes to event plans for 2019.

3. WorldHotel – International Hotel Equipment Trade Fair

When: March 2019

Where: Nadarzyn, Poland

International Hotel Equipment WorldHotel Fair is an event connected with the EuroGastro International Catering Trade Fair. They are held in the same place on the same date. Both are focused on the hotel industry. On the stands, you can admire modern interior design and arrangements of hotel space, including restaurant rooms and bars.

This event will be the best for a team, who are well-versed in the broadly understood design and organization of interior design. Trade fairs can become a source of inspiration for changes in the arrangement of your infrastructure. As you know, changes are more than welcomed – preferably to be carried out according to the best standards. WorldHotel is a must if you agree with the above statement.

4. International Restaurant & Foodservice Show-New York

When: March 2019

Where: New York, NY, USA

550+ vendors will showcase food & beverage products, equipment, services, distributors, technology, and more during the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in New York. But the show is something more than the plain exhibition. There will be many special sub-events like the Food Trends Experience, New Exhibitor Pavilion, TasteNY & Craft Beverage Showcase, Gourmet Way and The Bar Innovation Pavilion.

The show is a perfect place for business owners, but also for those in charge of the restaurants and food supply.

5. Shanghai Hospitality Design & Suppliers Expo

When: April 2019

Where: Shanghai, China

The annual feast of hospitality design. The conference gathers the exhibitors from more than 120 countries and regions. It gives an access to the latest industry knowledge during numerous conferences and workshops. Visitors can 20+ hotel mockup rooms and share their perspective on design, innovation, and building and construction. The main categories of the Expo will be:

  • Appliance & Amenities
  • Textiles and Uniforms
  • IT & Security
  • Building & Decoration
  • Interior Design
  • Lighting & Intelligence
  • Investment & Franchise
  • Fitness & Leisure
  • Engineering Design

For Shanghai Hospitality Design & Suppliers Expo attendees come from all over the world. They are mostly CEOs and business owners. You can also find among them managing directors and marketing and sales executives.

6. Hospitality Design Expo

When: May 2019

Where: Las Vegas, NE, USA

For the hospitality design, community HD Expo is the leading tradeshow and conference.  The event creates space where designers, owner, operators, brand executives, architects, purchasers, and manufacturers can work together sharing insights and inspirations. The Expo offers three days of inspiration and intense networking. If it isn’t a place-to-be in May, I don’t know what is. Especially that more than ninety percent of the last year’s edition participants found new products and partners during the Expo.

Just take a look at the random review of the event:

“HD Expo is on our schedule every year.  The ability to be able to see new products in person together with listening to our peers and industry experts speak on relevant and current topics is invaluable to our firm.” Ben Meyer, Principal, Mendil + Meyer Design Studio

7. Expo Laundry

When: July 2019

Where: Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Laundry is one of the growing sectors in the hospitality industry. It even gained its own expo. The conference highlights all aspects in laundry: from chemicals, supplies, detergents, machinery & equipment, to business opportunity whether as start-up or franchise. Even though the Laundry Expo addresses various markets such as healthcare, industrial manufacturing, commercial and so on, it is still a very strong position for hospitality industry professionals.

The Expo will be a good choice for all laundry-businesses, but also for those in charge of the hotel cleaning services: Managers, Superintendents of laundry and housekeeping division in hotels, resorts, villas and other hospitality outlets.

8. India International Hospitality Expo

When: August 2019

Where: Greater Noida, India

Promising to grow year-to-year, India International Hospitality Expo continues its march to become the Biggest Hospitality Show in Asia. Show’s organizers are people with a long-lasting commitment and experience in the hospitality industry. They promise the attendees “the largest and the most comprehensive sourcing hub for hospitality, retail, f&b, baking and housekeeping”.

The show gathers top leaders of the industry:

  • CEOs
  • GMs
  • executive chefs
  • hotel-chain owners
  • F&B managers
  • HODs of engineering, housekeeping and purchase function
  • distributors & wholesalers
  • procurement managers
  • designers
  • the all-important frontline hospitality personnel.

9. The Hotel Show

When: September 2019

Where: Dubai, UAE

Starting 18 years ago, The Hotel Show in Dubai has been witnessing the renaissance of the leisure and hospitality market. The show provides a wide view of the market. 600+ exhibitors from all around the world showcase innovations across:

  • interiors
  • lighting and design
  • technology
  • security
  • catering equipment

Who should go there? This event is mostly for CEOs, Managing directors and sales managers. They are the ones who will benefit the most from attending The Hotel Show in Dubai.

10. International Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment HORECA and of Food and Drinks for Gastronomy Fair GASTROFOOD

When: November 2019

Where: Krakow, Poland

The HORECA International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment and the Food and Drinks Fair for Gastronomy GASTROFOOD are yet another good opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the hotel industry and gastronomy. At an early registration, the admission to the event is free. Interestingly, the event is divided into additional thematic sections: Coffee and Tea Salon, Beer Salon, Enoexpo Fair (wine market).

Who should you send to this trade fair? As in the case of the EuroGastro and WorldHotel fairs, people directly responsible for catering solutions and equipment facilities will perform best.


Knowledge is power, which can be monetized very quickly. That’s why you should always seek new knowledge. You can do it regularly by participating in industry events.

As it has already been mentioned, the hotel and catering business is developing at a rapid pace, among others thanks to the dynamic tourism sector. The competitiveness of the hotel and restaurant market requires an active search for development, improvements and innovations. Therefore, do not hesitate and plan your next year today (e.g. using tools such as Eventory planning) in terms of hotel and catering events that you can not miss. They can become the beginning of your big breakout.

Make sure you're makinga full use of the event participation!