You don’t need event search engine with this top 10 SEO events list

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You don’t need event search engine with this top 10 SEO events list



A vast majority of SEO specialists like to attend events such as summits and conferences. It helps them to keep their knowledge actionable. There are many events to pick from. But which are worth their price? In this article, you will find an essential list of 10 best SEO conferences and summits. As a bonus, we will share a secret on how to find the best events for your company.

Why should specialists attend SEO summit, conference or networking event? Online SEO education might not be enough.

SEO education calls for constant information update. Nowadays, specialists can find countless online courses and guides. So why should they “waste” their time to attend an event?

In SEO industry the information changes faster than in most of the fields. Facing these changes alone resemble might not be the best idea.

During each conference, search engine gets vivisected and analyzed all-over-again. Specialists can exchange thoughts and ideas. They learn new trends and discuss the advantages of particular tools with others. They also have a chance to meet influencers and experts in person.

Which events are a must? Here are top 10 SEO conferences that will take place by the end of 2018.

#1 Search Elite, The Search Conference, London

When: 6th June 2018

Where: London, UK

Who: C-level, influencers, brand managers, practitioners

Why attend: The third edition of the event will host the high-class speakers of the SEO industry. Many of the attendees are either decision makers or influencers. The panels will provide tons of actionable knowledge with no sales pitch. The networking is remarkable.


#2 SMX Paris

When: 12th-13th June 2018

Where: Paris, FR

Who: SEO and SEM professionals

Why attend: It is a 100% bias free conference. The main goal is to share SEO education among professionals and practitioners. It focuses on marketing tactics that are safe for brands and clients. This SEO summit is not launched by any software company or digital agency.


#3 SEonthebeach

When: 15th-16th June 2018

Where: La Manga, ES

Who: Online marketing professionals

Why attend: SEonthebeach grants the best opportunity to network in a beautiful environment. Beachworking is networking but in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. There is no other SEO summit, conference or training like this one!


#4 MozCon

When: 9th-11th July 2018

Where: Seattle, WA, USA

Who: SEO and digital marketing specialists

Why attend: Everyone who wants to bring the SEO game to a whole new level should pick this conference. Search engine won’t hold any secrets from the attendees. The scoop range is wide. Specialists can learn how to improve search engine results. But if they prefer, they can listen how to make better, data-driven marketing decisions.  


#5 Chief Data & Analytics Officer

When: 19th-20th September 2018

Where: Frankfurt, DE

Who: Chief Data & Analytics Officer, SEO professionals

Why attend: The main conference dedicated to and made by data experts. All attendees will gain the leadership and communication tools. They will learn how to make the best of data analytics.


#6 #DMWF

When: 19th-20th September 2018

Where: Amsterdam, NL

Who: Digital marketing professionals

Why attend: Digital Marketing World Forum gathers world’s class speakers. The line-up consists of such names as Robert Zuidgeest (The Walt Disney Company) or Joost de Valk (Yoast).


#7 BrightonSEO

When: 27th-28th September 2018

Where: Brighton, UK

Who: SEO specialists, Heads of Marketing Departments

Why attend: Event guests are the top practitioners in the SEO industry. They will provide extraordinary lectures packed with practical knowledge and deep insights. There also will be practical and advanced courses to learn on-page SEO techniques.


#8 Pubcon Las Vegas 2018

When:16th-18th October 2018

Where: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Who: SEO, SEM professionals

Why attend: Pubcon offers insights into new and refreshed online marketing strategies. It gathers world’s top marketers. The attendees can enjoy both networking and one-on-one sessions.


#9 Web Summit

When: 5th-8th November 2018

Where: Lisbon, PT

Who: Marketing Managers, Brands executives

Why attend: It’s “the largest tech conference in the world”. Participants can listen to 1200+ speakers from all-over the world. It is one of the best SEO conferences in the world. It is also the event with the highest participation rate of the big brands.


#10 SEOkomm

When: 23rd November 2018

Where: Salzburg, AT

Who: SEO professionals

Why attend: This conference provides pure, practical knowledge with zero sales pitch. Speakers will focus on applicable SEO facts.


How to find the best SEO events? Search engine won’t help if you don’t know the preferences of specialists in your company!

To decide which event will bring the most benefit for the company you should focus on a few aspects.

First, it should provide useful knowledge and actionable insights. No one wants another sales pitch from a software developer or an agency.

Second, check if the event suits a specialist. Does he or she know the language of the conference? Will he find the panels interesting?

Third, make sure he can make the most of the networking. Ask what kind of audience the event will gather.

You can make it the standard way. Skim through the search engine results. Look for “top event search engine optimization”, or “best SEO summit”. Send an e-mail to all SEOs and analyze their answers on the preferences.

You can also use a software, like Eventory Planning. The software learns and gathers preferences of the team mates. Also it checks who will also attend the event. As an outcome, it will suggest the events worth attending to grow the business.

Let us know how do you find the best events to send specialists from your company!

Let the events work for you! Choose from the ones tailored to your needs!