Hearst Digital Japan x Eventory – ELLEgirl NextLAB first event on Eventory platform

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Hearst Digital Japan x Eventory – ELLEgirl NextLAB first event on Eventory platform



Eventory has recently launched in Japan and already has a customer case study to share. The first event was organized by Hearst Digital Japan for ELLEgirl Japan. Find out more about the launch and the cooperation between Hearst Digital Japan x Eventory.


Hearst Digital Japan x Eventory:first event for ELLEgirl

The first contact of Eventory with Japanese users took place on March 5th 2021, during an online seminar organized by ELLEgirl Japan. The first customer in Japan, Hearst Digital Japan, a media enterprise targeting mainly Millennials and Generation Z, aims to create a new online community gathered around a cycle of online seminars “ELLEgirl NextLAB”. We prepared an interview with feedback from the event promoted on ELLEgirl website.

Creating a passionate online community

Q: Why did you decide to introduce Eventory to your events?

ELLEgirl: We were looking for a tool that will enable us to create an engaged online community, manage data and run sustainable operations, all with a UI that can streamline our processes.

The key point is that the activities performed by our community are measured and then analyzed by our team. There are many tools such as Zoom, YouTube, Instagram LIVE and other social media, but we were looking for a tool that would work best for both our attendees and the management side. We have held events in various formats so far, but there are some aspects that became complicated when using multiple tools for managing attendee data and creating email campaigns, so we wanted to be able to manage that from one place.


How to create an engaging communication 

Q: How was this different from organizing in-person events?

ELLEgirl: While online events are very easy to attend, they often tend to have only a one-way communication. Even though the attendees may find the content meaningful, the event may be seen as rather passive, without much meaning – simply entertaining or informative. When designing our sessions we want them to lead a positive change in the attendees’ further behavior and lives. In order to achieve this, we had to think about captivating participants’ attention during a one-hour session.


Q: What is the biggest value of Eventory?

ELLEgirl: One of the strongest suits is a possibility to lead a two-way communication with participants and an easy-to-use operator panel. It is intuitive even when using it for the first time. We felt that the UI is a great advantage. We couldn’t have mastered all the available tools in our first session, but we are looking forward to conducting live questionnaires and sharing their results with the attendees in real time as well as providing our audience with emojis in the chat so they can express themselves even better. I believe it will enhance the communication during the event.

Moreover, I think thanks to email campaigns (reminders) and survey data collection we improved our operational efficiency as it can be quite burdensome at times.

We are also looking forward to improving the communication across our events, as they are a cycle of sessions that create a unique community of our participants. We want to keep them engaged and well informed even when there are no events happening at a time. Our goal is to increase engagement by using surveys, votings and enhancing networking between attendees and communication between speakers and participants.


Keep in touch with your community

Eventory Japan’s perspective

Eventory allows you to send email campaigns and push notifications to communicate with participants. What’s more, the platform is equipped with votings and surveys features that the organizers can use before and after the event. It is a method to maintain a constant communication with your community and nurture it.

The cooperation with Hearst Digital Japan continues with new events hosted on Eventory, exploring new features along the way.