Thinking about a White Label App? Best to think again

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Mobile technology rules society and it strongly entered the event world giving the attendees connectivity and mobility they are used to in everyday life. As a result, white label apps became a quick and easy solution to have a dedicated app for the event. But is it really a good choice?

Even though, I might seem like the master of the obvious, I want to highlight the fact that there is an ongoing increasing focus on mobile technology, and its uses within multiple industries and sectors. Event organizers and agencies have been using integration methods to further connect and create a higher level of personal experiences with their attendees. Mobile phones are ruling society and it is becoming very common for events to offer this type of connectivity because events are for people and an organizer’s aim is to have satisfied attendees.

With this becoming commonplace, each event is focused to bring something original and innovative. While hosting an event, you don’t want it to be one of many but the king of all. Originality seems to be the key to success but it’s not always easy, or correct. Not to be groundless, why don’t I go through the event’s stage with a fine-tooth comb.


What’s a white label app?

During the last few years, so many mobile applications are being created, that there seems to be a new app to download, at multiple events you attend. Surely, there is no possible way that each app is created from scratch! Let’s face it, this is some hard work ladies and gentleman. The truth behind it all, is that many apps are now created via a template, namely white label apps.

Before all else, a white label app is an application software, that is produced by one company, which gives its customers the possibility of using their product, but replacing all marketing materials with their own branding. This is supposed to create the belief that this was manufactured by them. Many white label app sellers convince their potential buyers that the main pro of this purchase is clever time-saving because you don’t have to make an app from square one and as I mentioned before this is no piece of cake, but is it really such a good solution? As an organizer, you have to keep in mind, that you will have to start off with a new white label app every time you organize an event and your attendees might feel overwhelmed with having to download something new each time they participate. What if there was a possibility of having a unique, innovative tool during your event, but most importantly the same one at each event? What if, yes the same tool, collected all previous data from your events, stats, attendee lists, feedback and stored them in one place? But not getting over myself, in the event industry, a white label app is a product that has been used at many events, what means that there are multiple apps occurring on a regular basis, which are in fact exactly the same, only differing in logos. At this point, it seems that the former originality turned to aridity.


Apple rejects white label apps

Apple decided that the time has come for an App Store Cleanup. Yes, this is in fact the name they applied to their new App Store guideline known by the number 4.2.6.

App Store guideline 4.2.6

As of now, Apple will reject white label apps in the app store. Petrifying it seems, but mostly to event app companies and white label app resellers and, according to TechCrunch, maybe not that terrible. But don’t let this trigger you, your events are not doomed because this is the point when Eventory comes to the rescue.

When Eventory first produced their mobile app, the theory behind having one application for all events, was for a number of reasons:

  • A closer level of community between regular event enthusiasts, as they are able to keep in constant contact with the market and have higher possibilities to participate in other interesting events.
  • Ease for attendees, as they do not need to download a new app with each event, blocking up their phones and creating the feeling of, oh no, not another one.
  • The opportunity to keep data from past events, along with connections, so that the attendee is building their own profile and network as they move forward in time, not needing to start at the beginning, each time they participate in a new event.

Now when this news has been published and entered into force, the foresight of Eventory and its experts has become even more valuable, as now, event organizers will be able to continuously use a tried-and-true event app, without concern that time and resources will be used on something which most likely will be rejected.

Originality is always something that we look for, however, I would pick tried-and-true, not to mention functional any day. Eventory has given, with the help of industry specialists and experts, the opportunity to continue making your events unique and innovative, even after news like Apple’s, which will most probably affect many.

Why not take this chance and contact me to not only learn about how you can use an application that has been so successful for many, but also one that has and will continue, to move forward, undisturbed by movements in the tech market, and will always be available as a first choice for any event organizer.

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