Eventory Operator’s latest changes – New features on board

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Eventory Operator’s latest changes – New features on board



Recently, we shared the news about a new tool in the Eventory ecosystem of tools – Eventory Operator that makes event organizers’ work more convenient. At Eventory, we don’t like to slow down, that’s why all of our products are in the constant process of development. This time we’ve prepared a bunch of new handy features for Eventory Operator to make it easier to manage your events while in the middle of the event organizational fuss. 

What’s the deal with the Eventory Operator? 

As an experienced event marketing specialists, we surely know how complicated event organizational process can get. While meeting with our clients we see their everyday struggles and do our best to help them in the challenges of the event organizers’ work by making processes easier. This was our motivation behind Eventory Operator which brings features of the Eventory platform to mobile devices and lets you manage your event on the go (check more information in the previous press note). The first version of the Operator was created with a thought to expand its features as quickly as possible. So, we rolled up our sleeves and we’re proud to introduce the latest Eventory Operator update. 

Eventory Operator's main features

What’s new? 

Up till now, the Eventory Operator allowed its users to manage News messages. We wanted the ability to manage your events from the mobile device level to be as intuitive and functional as it can be done with the Eventory Platform. That’s why we successively add new functions to the Eventory Operator. With the latest update, its capabilities include: 

  • Access to your event’s overview and status,
  • Attendee & requests management
  • Your Surveys and live voting results preview.

What new features can give you? 

Upgrading the Eventory Operator features will significantly streamline the work of those who take care of the event’s success. Thanks to the new version of our tool you’ll be able not only to stay in touch with attendees through the news feature but also control the current event situation. Following the attendance list and managing requests to join the event from your smartphone will help you maintain a high Eventory usage rate. This way you’ll get more data and your event evaluation will be more calculable. Also, you can keep track of the survey and voting results and immediately act for your event effectiveness. All that without logging in to the web platform – always in your pocket, managed straight from your mobile device!

Wait for more 

It’s definitely not the end of updates we’re planning for Eventory Operator. Let’s keep in touch – new features are coming! 


Do you have an idea how to improve our tools? Let us know! Your feedback matters to us!