New feature – Eventory’s integration with CRM Salesforce and Livespace

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New feature – Eventory’s integration with CRM Salesforce and Livespace



Compiling data from several tools into one tends to be quite a challenge for enterprises. It may be even more difficult when it comes to compiling data from events with the company CRM system. To meet the organizers’ needs, Eventory introduced a new integration with CRMs – Salesforce and Livespace.


Every company in the enterprise sector organizes events. They are a means to achieving the organization’s set business goals. However, it is only effective when the attendees of such events are well engaged. Only then will they be eager to share opinions and business needs. Participants’ activity allows organizers to collect data that, when quickly processed to the sales and marketing teams, can contribute to speeding up the deal signing process. Until now, with separate registration systems or questionnaires organizers had to create and merge complex Excel spreadsheets simulating a database. It was later sent to the sales team who either filled their CRMs with this data, or just left it on their desks. To speed up this process, we integrated Eventory with CRM systems Salesforce and Livespace. Thanks to this, already at the moment of the attendee’s registration to an event, their information is automatically saved and synchronized with the company’s CRM.


Integration with CRM

The integration between Eventory and two CRM systems allows sales teams for quick access to current or potential customers’ data, right at the moment of their intent to participate in an event. A salesperson can already then contact the attendees and thank them for registering, call to ask about the events aspects they are most interested in etc. This possibility of engaging in a justified, purposeful and contextual contact with a customer may be crucial in building a business relationship with them. Check our article about how to use event data to grow your sales and marketing.

Integration of Eventory and Livespace means combining two crucial worlds in our business: a platform storing knowledge about our customers that makes it easier for us to build deeper relationships with them, and a platform that allows us to organize modern and meaningful events. It is a significant optimization of sales and project management processes, and thus: saving our employees’ time. Monika Nowacka-Sahin, CEO meet&grow


Salesforce and Livespace in Eventory

Eventory - integration with CRM Salesforce and Livespace

To activate the integration it is necessary to perform a simple synchronization between the systems. Once completed, we can automatically send analytical data after an event to the CRM system. This way, the organizer as well as the sales and marketing teams receive information about the lectures each customer participated in, what they answered in the survey, what was their feedback on given sessions and other activities. All of this constitutes a great foundation for growing sales and better customer profiling.


Better analytics

By introducing Eventory’s integration with CRM systems, we made it much easier for organizers to evaluate the worth of every event. We have insight into whether a given event contributed to better customer profiling, helped to speed up the sales process or to finalize a contract.

The level and scope of the integration depends mainly on the event organizer. It is also up to them on how they will use collected data in their sales processes. However, having all this information combined gives the business teams a great foundation for better approach to their sales activities.