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E-book – The Ultimate Guide to Event Promotion vol. 1

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There are series of activities which aim is to achieve better event promotion. In order to get more familiar with that, check our e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Event Promotion vol. 1”. It will not only navigate you in the promotion of your event but also help you increase brand awareness and grow your business thanks to events.

There are multiple activities to increase the brand awareness and you are probably doing some, right? However, not everyone knows which one is the most powerful. For each business there will be a different recipe for success. There are no universal solutions. Each company is a separate case, you have to choose the right actions to meet your goals. In order to help you achieve those goals, we have prepared a set of tips.

75% of B2B marketers say that in-person events, for the last six years, have been rated as the most effective tactic. To compare, this strategy is considered more efficient than inbound marketing (webinars, blog posts, research reports, etc.) or social media communication focused on increasing brand awareness. Moreover, 24% of the total annual marketing budget is allocated to live events in order to connect with customers and generate new leads, as Forresters’ report states.

Powerful cooperation

Now, when you are aware of the power of events, make sure that you know how to use it right. We have gathered experience built on the cooperation with clients. Then we connected it with UserEngage’s insightful knowledge based on the user engagement on the website. Later on, we mixed it with Brand24’s great inputs in terms of the social media and brand monitoring. Finally, the effect of our cooperation is this e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Event Promotion vol.1” – a compendium of knowledge for everyone who deals with organization of events. Let’s see what face to face experience can bring to your customers and the company itself.

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