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How to explain Event Marketing meaning to COO?

Event marketing meaning is crucial and its significance cannot be underestimated. Even though it is still a young, developing field…
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building and maintaining client relationships Red Bull style

How to use events for building and maintaining client relationships Red Bull style

Red Bull is a master of building relationships with customers. And they have mastered the art of events. The influence…
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How to attract a crowd to your event in 3 weeks or less and impress your boss forever?

Deadline is approaching. You need to find a brilliant idea to make your event happen with a full list of…
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Cover image for the article about perfect event invitation email

How to write an invitation email to draw hundreds of attendees to your event

Aside from what kind of event you’re creating and how you are creating it, there is one very important factor…
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How to master event marketing and event promotion – Q&A from OpenReaktor Warsaw

Recently, I participated in Open Reaktor in Warsaw talking about the essence of event marketing and how it is often…
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Learn how to get a company to sponsor your event

To get the sponsor for your event you have to convince a company that the investment will return. Is it…
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a/b testing in event promotion

A beginner’s guide to the A/B testing in event promotion

A/B testing in event promotion is a fantastic tool to make a controlled experiment in your marketing. Figure out the…
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get more attendees

How to get more attendees to come to your event? Advanced event promotion tips.

Promoting an event can be tricky. Even if you create a large buzz around it on Facebook and many people…
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social media in event promotion

Social media in event promotion – useful tips for event marketers

There are so many different social media these days, it may be hard to keep up what’s the latest trend.…
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Guide event promotion e-book

E-book – The Ultimate Guide to Event Promotion vol. 1

There are series of activities which aim is to achieve better event promotion. In order to get more familiar with…
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event marketing the misunderstanding

Event marketing – the misunderstanding

Event marketing is often wrongly explained as all the actions promoting the event. Nothing could be further from the truth.…
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How do you understand event marketing?

Let’s spare a moment and dive into a reflection about the event industry. Recently, I had some time to think…
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