Why events are one of the most effective recruitment method

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Why events are one of the most effective recruitment method



Recruitment is undoubtedly a complex and time-consuming process. Finding the right candidate may be a real challenge, especially in areas where the particular set of skills and knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete. Events are one of the most effective recruitment methods and an excellent way to accomplish recruitment goals in a reasonable time span. Read more to learn why.

The following article discusses the advantages of arranging particular types of event and outlines ideas aimed at enriching the experience and attracting candidates. We have devoted special attention to various aspects of implementing the latest technology, such as mobile apps in event promotion. Finally, we discuss the traits of job fairs and networking sessions in order to give you a glimpse of the relevant features of these recruitment methods.

Objectives of recruitment – a brief overview

Basically, the main objective of the recruitment process is to select the best possible candidate, taking into account the specific requirements of a particular vacancy. In other words, you should decide who is the best available person based on the given criteria.

Reaching the right candidates

At the beginning of the recruitment process you should attract suitable applicants. Furthermore, you should deepen your understanding of a particular post. You can do that by analyzing challenges that the employee has to face in an ordinary day’s work. To put it more precisely, you should consider mundane activities related to this vacancy, personal traits that are relevant in performing such tasks and the interpersonal relations that can be arranged in a work-related environment.

In order to obtain the aforementioned goal, you should perform several crucial actions. First, you need to create comprehensive job descriptions. They should include such aspects as a detailed description of job responsibilities and working conditions. Also include minimum qualifications and a brief outline of desired personal qualities. An appropriate and engaging job description is extremely helpful in meeting the most crucial recruitment objective: finding the perfect person for a particular job. This also helps you to focus on what you should be looking for when interviewing candidates. And before you start recruiting plan some tasks that will help you check potential candidate’s skills. Design them carefully, so you know exactly what they will show and what do you want to measure with them.

Building long-lasting relationships with employees

Another aim of the recruitment process is to establish a long-term relationship with the appropriate candidate. It is obvious that after long hours of research, application screening and numerous interviews, you hope to find a loyal employee who will adapt to the environment as soon as possible and will stay with the company for a long period. Why is it so important? Loyal employees are part of a family. They don’t cheat on you with other employers, they don’t blabber about company’s know-how, and they won’t say a bad word about the company as an employer. It all sums up to help you build strong teams and strong employer branding.

Minimizing the risk of a new hire failure

It stands to reason that every recruiter strives to arrange as many placements as they can. However, keep in mind that such an attitude may result in a so-called new hire failure. In general, the placement process is not only about the integration of a new employee into the company. New hire failure is a phenomenon that makes the whole procedure quite cumbersome.

Almost half of new workers quit an organization within the initial 18 months of being hired. For this reason, it is important to make an effort to retain the employee within the company. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution that may prevent new hire failure. Versatile recruitment methods may minimize the risk of this unfortunate situation.

There are numerous steps you may take in order to avoid this nuisance. Firstly, you should dedicate more time to meticulous screening and detailed interviewing of potential applicants. Such activities will give you a valuable insight into the career goals of each applicant. Thus you get a much more distinct profile of a candidate. Keep your priorities front and centre all the times. On top of that, it is also useful to take notes during interviews. Such summaries will enable you to compare the qualities of the applicant with the requirements of your company. Also, inviting the right audience to the event will increase the chances of new candidates fitting in.

Indirect objectives of recruitment

Like any other business operation, recruitment has many indirect objectives that are associated with the main one. There are plenty of examples of such goals. They include broadening the pool of job candidates at minimum expense, quick elimination of underqualified or overqualified job applicants and inspiring a large number of applicants to apply for the job.

On the other hand, the recruitment process has its own unique and implicit aims. It helps to create a positive impression of the particular organization, and serves as a tool that may be utilized to improve the recruitment policy in the future. The entire process enables a company to fulfill its social and legal obligations over a longer time frame.

Why events are one of the most effective recruitment methods

From time to time it is good to turn things upside down. Such a refreshing approach is also necessary at recruitment events. Many people claim that headhunters should attend recruitment meetings organized by prestigious companies. However, it is worth highlighting that the recruitment agency or any other company may strongly benefit from organizing its own event.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that the term client recruitment event was established by HR representatives working on behalf of their customers. If you are an HR manager in a company that organizes a recruitment event on its own, then the characteristics of the aforementioned strategy also refer to your meetings.

Overall recruitment event characteristics and their implications

First and foremost, such an activity is an original way to gain much more placements than in traditional recruitment procedures. By means of such a meeting, you gain the unique possibility to create your own database with all relevant details and build valuable relationships.

Recruitment events belong without a shadow of a doubt to the most effective recruitment methods. The principal function of this arrangement is to provide a setting where candidate and recruiter are able to reach each other in a slightly looser atmosphere than during the traditional job interview. On top of that, such meetings enable companies to make contact with potential candidates face-to-face. This fact gives a much more reliable insight into the personality of an applicant than any cover letter saturated with vivid description of learning path and job experience.

What is the role of a recruitment event organizer?

Overall, the organizer should manage the entire process. Taking into consideration the prospect of an event, they should provide optimal conditions to foster the relationship between a client and a candidate. Initially, it is good to provide a basic introduction. After that, they should withdraw their involvement and allow things to happen as they will. That being said, the established relationship should be as authentic as possible. Each doubt and dispute should be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, the recruitment process started during the event may result in the previously mentioned new hire failure phenomenon.

Perks of external recruitment events

Paradoxically, external recruitment events may be much more productive than traditional open nights which are standard in the recruitment sector. Unlike common job fairs, client-centered recruitment events are focused on invited applicants. In other words, you deal specifically with people who fit into the desired candidate profile. This means that you can select the finest candidates relatively quickly. Apart from that, you can also make use of the most pivotal criteria when you prepare for the show.

Such an attitude is extremely helpful, especially in the technology sector. Whereas hiring a professional journalist and an experienced copywriter are to some extent similar, this is no longer true when it comes to technology. It is obvious that civil engineering definitely has different characteristics than, say, aeronautical engineering. Thus the abilities gained in one area are interchangeable only to a negligible extent.

Client events are a type of recruitment activity which is marked by a high probability of establishing stable long-term relationships. This advantage is extremely friendly from the applicant’s point of view. To put it precisely, the candidate receives positive or negative feedback instantly. Thus a participant avoids the psychological burden associated with waiting for a response (and often not getting one at all).

Recruitment open day – is it worth it?

Another recruitment technique worth recommending is recruitment open day. This solution is a creative way to promote the company and its operations in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The bottom line of this strategy is connecting with employees at a somewhat deeper level than usual. Therefore, you should keep it casual. Provide good food and drink in order to set upcoming guests at ease and to leave a positive lasting impression after the show. Additionally, you should develop a healthy curiosity about your attendees. This is the reason why you should arrange personalized Q&A sessions.

An unforgettable recruitment experience

On the other hand, you should strictly avoid tedious recruitment open days. You can attain this goal by using different means. It is extremely important to spice up your recruitment event so that it will stick in the mind of your attendees. Besides, a good vibe will help you create a positive employer branding. Especially when you stand out among other companies in your sector with, for example, unorthodox recruitment methods, or at least the most interesting, BS-free recruitment questions.

There are plenty of options on how to do that, limited only by your imagination. Nonetheless, the extra activities should be complementary to the particular characteristics of a specific area. Put more precisely, when you intend to hire talented programmers, it is a good idea to enrich your event with a presentation covering major aspects of a particular programming language. The same rule may apply to other sectors.

To job fair or not to job fair?

Another concept which may support reaching recruitment goals relatively quickly is a so-called on-site job fair. Such a meeting is especially helpful with regard to businesses that are looking for new employees and intend to hire them en masse. Perfect examples of such organizations are hospitals, restaurants and retailers. If you personally work for a company that needs to be fully staffed, then an on-site job fair is the perfect option for you. Alternatively, you may also consider an interview event.

How to make the best of the recruitment event?

Whichever type of recruitment event you choose, you should do your best to provide the best possible event communication. There are plenty of ways to do that. You can, for instance, produce aesthetically printed promotional materials describing the nature of the event, or prompt your guest to take their updated CV and prepare for a formal job interview.

Pre-event communication with the candidates

Alternatively, you can do this by means of the newest apps, like Eventory. This program supplies user-friendly notifications on the event. The extensive usage of this application is also relevant from another point of view: keep in mind that the vast majority of attendees use their smartphones on a regular basis. This is the reason why utilizing the app in promotion as well as networking may boost the results of your recruitment event.

Communication during the event

Needless to say, automation of communication during the recruitment event is especially advantageous when it comes to tackling the recruitment of a significant number of employees. The benefits of the app come to light during on-site job fairs as the software helps you to plan meetings with participants. This feature is pivotal, it takes into account the formal character of job interviews. An event app with a built-in user-friendly communicator is a real boon.

Post-event communication with the applicants

The Eventory software has another crucial advantage. Its intuitive communicator makes it easier to perform suitable follow-up, providing more detailed information about the hiring process and composing messages for candidates. This is extremely beneficial in reaching attendees who enter the next stage of recruitment.

Challenges and pitfalls of the recruitment event

Regardless of which recruitment technique you choose, there are numerous challenges that may slow down the whole process. Such obstacles are also present during the event, and their negative impact makes it difficult to finalize the goals of recruitment. Thus it is worth taking a closer look at them and how to lessen their influence.

The only-one-communication-channel trap

In order to complete your recruitment goals, diversify communication channels. Heavy reliance on just one means of communication is a common error when it comes to recruitment activities. The information about the recruitment event should be visible in many channels. At this point, it is extremely important to reach a reasonable compromise between various forms of communication.

Putting an app to good use

It goes without saying that a notice about the particular event should be published on your website. On top of that, it is worth considering effective ways that may contribute to improving the promotion of your meeting. This aim may be accomplished by way of the latest technologies. It is worth highlighting that there are plenty of solutions, for example, Eventory, this software allows you to integrate your official recruitment website into the event mobile app.

This, in turn, enables you to get access to a larger pool of candidates. The mobile app livens up your ordinary online presence. Attendees who are willing to participate in your event are often very active. Thus they exchange information about the event by means of an app. Such an attitude results in creating a new community whose focal interest concentrates on the upcoming meeting. This situation is beneficial for the meeting itself as it multiplies possible networking options. On top of that, you may arrange networking sessions by using an app.

Planning recruitment stages with new technologies

Modern technology is also advantageous when it comes to planning the next recruitment stages. An innovative user-friendly communicator enables you to gather all relevant information from the most promising candidates. This feature also has another function. When you plan the next recruitment event, you can overview your digital correspondence in order to invite the applicants whose chances for final success are the highest.

Effective recruitment techniques are the key points of an event. Nevertheless, their importance should not overshadow other issues. Your company may use the event in order to enhance its own image and to make other people familiar with its organizational culture. This, in turn, may stir up the desire to work in your company.

The most popular types of the recruitment event

Recruitment events are divided into numerous categories. However, the most crucial are job fairs and networking meetups. So you should have a more in-depth understanding of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of event.

Conventional job fairs

Job fairs have their own unique characteristics. These events are usually held in public places like auditoria and halls that people tend to frequent often. It is also worth highlighting that recruiters participating in job fairs focus their efforts on finding middle-level employees with a valuable combination of skills and experience.

From the perspective of the candidate, job fairs save a lot of time. Since there are many stands representing numerous companies, attendees get the chance to talk with many employees and familiarize themselves with their organizational culture. Besides, a candidate may select from a broad variety of options. This, in turn, enables him to apply for several jobs that are optimally aligned with his personal interests and priorities. If you are a marketing manager, you may look at job fairs from a slightly different point of view. These events are a great opportunity to market your brand to job seekers. This benefit may result in accelerating recruitment processes in the future.

The downsides of job fairs are distinctly related to their mass character. Since there are a lot of booths and possible job candidates, the competition is fierce. This phenomenon may be perceived from two angles. On the one hand, it is harder for an attendee to break through. The vast number of companies presenting themselves during a job fair may also be an obstacle for you as an HR enthusiast. The overwhelming presence of your competitors may eclipse your recruitment promotion. Another disadvantage comes down to the fact that job fairs do not provide good conditions for an interview. Noise, chaos and the tremendous number of people that attend your stand can accidentally make your presence at such events physically and mentally exhausting.

Subtle nuances of networking sessions

It is a common misconception that meet-ups are only for entrepreneurs. Networking may also be beneficial for freelancers and regular employees whose duties are connected with result-oriented tasks.

Networking can bring numerous benefits for an attendee. Firstly, valuable contacts can be made with people of a similar mindset. This in turn, enables a participant to discover new ideas and derive more motivation for work. Furthermore, networking is a perfect opportunity for personal development. You may, for example, learn new skills without excessive effort. On top of that, networking events restore your energy and stimulate your inner curiosity. What’s more, there’s ALWAYS a chance to meet someone who may come handy when you open a recruitment process. A guy knows a guy, knows a guy, knows a guy… Last but not least, you may encounter partners who can support you at all levels (financial, educational, personal) of your professional growth.

Networking days have their specific drawbacks. Firstly, there are a lot of people who attend these events only in order to sell their services. Secondly, there are plenty of participants who do not frequent an event out of sheer passion for self-development, but rather just for the sake of it. Moreover, there are often separate cliques during the event. Such groups remain slightly indifferent towards new ideas and reluctant to establish new business relationships. It is worth considering the importance of small talk during networking days. Some people get easily discouraged from this type of conversation. However, it is often a springboard to profound business discussions.

What to remember about effective recruitment methods

The broad selection of recruitment tools may appear slightly overwhelming for anyone interested in human resources. For this reason, you should make the most of recruitment events. Before choosing the right type, you should ask yourself about the priorities of the company and the profile of the employee that you intend to hire. Such analysis is highly important as there are many types of event dedicated to organizations from different sectors.

The benefits of recruitment events go beyond personal contact with candidates. Thanks to the latest technologies, such as mobile apps, it is possible to promote the event successfully and establish long-term relationships with your pool of candidates. This factor contributes to better brand awareness and can facilitate your future projects. Having decided on a particular event, give modern mobile apps a try. They are really worth it. A reasonable approach towards recruitment events makes one of the best recruitment methods of them all.

Let’s talk about recruitment strategies that include events. Share your thoughts in the comment section, or simply contact us.

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