Top 20 SaaS conferences in US and Canada to attend in 2019

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Top 20 SaaS conferences in US and Canada to attend in 2019



In modern times of dynamically expanding technology, the software industry becomes one of the most intriguing ones in terms of developed innovations. To keep up with the novelties and game-changing solutions, it’s good to attend one or two SaaS events to get a proper insight. Let’s check what are top conferences in US and Canada to attend in 2019.

Industry events are more and more often considered as a better opportunity to enhance professional skills than online courses and everyday work. While experience gained by completing everyday tasks can let people get used to the general tools and certain processes, in the SaaS industry the key is to stay in touch with new software and solutions.

Conferences, SaaS events and summits provide its participants with valuable and fresh insights that combined with being able to meet fellow industry representatives can significantly contribute to new options for self and business development. This is why managers more often don’t skip the event attendance when planning a marketing strategy and their team activity throughout the year. But not every event will be equally valuable for your team.

How to choose the right SaaS conference to attend

Choosing the right conference to participate is a complex task. To make the best use of the event you (or your team) will attend you need to make sure it fits their needs. Try to determine areas that interest individuals who are delegated to participate in the conference. Your team members will surely appreciate that their working hours are not wasted on lectures that don’t expand their knowledge.


Also, think about networking opportunities. It’s good to use tools for event participation, such as Eventory Planning, which will allow you to check who’s going to attend the event. This way another valuable aspect – business contacts – can add up to your general event ROI. Then, mind ticket prices – keep track of the early bird tickets to invest less money at the very beginning. Simply plan your attendance in advance or use applications which will remind you about the ticket promotions.

Remember that events are one of the best ways to encourage your team and company to further development. To make your choice even easier, I prepared the list of TOP 20 SaaS conferences to attend in US and Canada. Some of them already took place, but don’t worry – I will mention them at the end of the list so you can follow the information about the next edition. Enjoy!

TOP 20 Saas conferences in the US and Canada to attend in 2019

#1 Traffic & Conversion Summit

When: 25-27 February 2019

Where: San Diego, CA, US

What to expect:

As the largest marketing event in North America, the summit will be a solid portion of inspiration for Growth Hackers, Digital Advertisers, Agencies, Content Marketers, Conversational Marketers and founders who will be able to join Big Ideas track. Many useful SaaS news and ideas will be provided by professionals. The line up also includes a couple of celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Group. Also, expect good networking conditions!

#2 Dx3 Canada 2019

When: 6-7 March 2019

Where:  Toronto, Canada

What to expect:

Canada’s biggest retail, marketing and technology event.This SaaS conference brings together not only industry profs but also is open for the beginners. At the event, you’ll be able to be part of inspirational workshops and lab demonstrations, meet international speakers and innovative keynotes or visit the Start-up zone. 2019th edition will gather top worldwide known companies such as Snapchat, Walmart, Fujifilm, eBay, McDonalds and more, so it’s definitely worth to grab a last minute ticket!

#3 SXSW Conference

When: 8-16 March 2019

Where: Austin, TX, US

What to expect:

One of the SXSW events, which cover a variety of topics including different technologies. Something that every SaaS specialist should consider not only to enhance the skills in the field but also to open for new topics. The list of areas cover is rich in different approaches such as Cannabusiness (with the one and only Snoop Dog as a guest) to Entrepreneurship & Startups to Experiential Storytelling and much much more. See the full list at their website and save the date.

#4 MicroConf

When: 24-28 March 2019

Where: Las Vegas, NV, US

What to expect:

If you run your own Software company this SaaS conference will be a perfect choice for you. As the organizers say it’s “the world’s biggest conference for the world’s smallest self-funded software companies”. The event is divided into two editions Growth Edition and Starter Edition. The former, aimed at funders who are currently making a full-time income from their products, offer an opportunity to learn how to grow your business even more. The latter, for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business. When you can’t decide which edition choose, visit the event website.

#5 SaaS Connect

When: 26-27 March 2019

Where: San Francisco, CA, US

What to expect:

This SaaS conference is the place where professionals meet to exchange ideas, share thoughts on the industry matters and inspire each other. The topics covered will include SaaS, Channels, Platforms & API. Also, networking chances will be high – among the speakers, you’ll find true key players of the technology industry. Join the event and meet representatives from top companies such as Salesforce, Shopify and more.

#6 CXL Live

When: 27-29 March 2019

Where: Austin, TX, US

What to expect:

This 3-day event focused on the optimization processes will bring to you multiple chances to grow the skills and definitely to broaden your business network. Among the speakers, you can find experts from world-known companies including Spotify, or Microsoft. Now, that’s a nice bunch of teachers to listen to, wouldn’t you say? Don’t miss CXL Live then!

#7 LTV Conf 2019

When: 3-4 April 2019

Where: New York City, NY, US

What to expect:

The North American’s leading SaaS conference which gathers hundreds of industry representatives year by year. Organizers promise that this year’s edition will be the most expert-packed one yet, so definitely worth to save yourself a spot or two. Expect intense lectures, interesting insights, tons of new skills and fruitful networking.

#8 Content Marketing Conference

When: 16-19 April 2019

Where: Boston, MA, US

What to expect:

As content marketing is one of the core marketing elements it’s good to dive into the technology that can improve the efforts. Not entirely SaaS related conference, but still worth to give a try for those who want to ‘SaaS up’ the marketing activity of their companies. Also, organizers provide the whole MarTech Stack to check on the novelties in the industry.

#9 Topo Summit

When: 17-18 April 2019

Where: San Francisco, CA, US

What to expect:

That sales and marketing conference does not leave SaaS behind. More than 2000 attendees can take part in about 80 sessions, where among many topics they’ll be able to grab some fresh info about the latest technological trends. Join representatives from companies like Linkedin, Adobe, Microsoft, Google and more, this year in San Francisco.

#10 Recurring Revenue Conference 2019

When: 30 April – 1 May 2019

Where: Marina Del Rey, CA, US

What to expect:

Now, this one of our top SaaS events is the specified conference which focuses on the Subscription Economy matter. If you want to network, get knowledge, or simply listen about the subscription-based businesses and technology behind it the event is for you. Also, you can still join the event as one of the exhibitors – think it through and book the ticket.

#11 Technology & Services World

When: 6-8 May 2019

Where: San Diego, CA, 2019

What to expect:

This SaaS conference focusing on the SaaS industry offers a multitrack agenda, which ensure that you’ll find lectures suited exactly to your needs. The tracks include Customer Success, Education Services, Field Services, Managed Services, Service Revenue Generation and a lot more. The variety of offer combined with top speakers from companies like Microsoft can surely be a guarantee for top event experiences.

#12 Saas Monster

When: 20-23 May 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada

What to expect:

Another valuable one of Saas Events that brings together top leaders of the industry. The event focuses on industries of cloud computing, big data, security, marketing, customer service, and enterprise technology. Many topics and as many big players to share their ideas an experiences with participants. Also, prepare for intensive networking!

#13 Pulse 2019

When: 21-24 May 2019

Where: San Francisco, CA, US

What to expect:

The conference focusing on the Customer Success area where specialists from the CS industry meet to enhance skills and share experiences. During the event, participants can take part in multiple lectures, discussion and dive into the networking between other attractions. Among many Customer success related tracks, we can find ones that tackle technology issues, so SaaS experts who want to expand knowledge should keep the event in mind.


When: 20-21 June 2019

Where: Chicago, IL, CA

What to expect?

This 2-day technology expo is the perfect opportunity to take what’s best in SaaS events.  By attending TECHSPO you’ll be able to meet top representatives of popular brands, technology providers, a lot of valuable marketers, designers and innovators. This way, participant get the full spectrum of insights on how to carry on with SaaS industry activities. Moreover, the event provides you with the chance to show off your business and product to the vast audience. One of the best places to attract new prospects!

#15 MozCon

When: 15-17July 2019

Where: Seattle, WA, US

What to expect?

The one-track Saas conference that offers an agenda full of forward-thinking lectures, tactical SEO sessions. The topics covered touch subjects like content marketing, growth marketing, mobile landscape and more. Early birds are already on sale so grab your ticket and prepare for intense networking and gaining new knowledge.

#16 Traction Conference

When: 7-8 August 2019

Where: Vancouver, Canada

What to expect:

Google, Twentieth Century Fox, Reddit, LinkedIn, Slack, Trello, Github, New Relic, Box, SendGrid, Grammarly, Bumble – those are just a couple of top leading companies with a worldwide reputation that will be present at the Traction Conference. Powerful speeches that will allow you to supercharge your business are the main reason to think about attending the event. See how the 2018 edition looked like and save the date:

#17 Business of Software

When: 16-18 September 2019

Where: Boston, MA, US

What to expect:

As the name itself might suggest BoS is one of the SaaS events that focuses entirely on the software topic. For 3 days, top software entrepreneurs will gather to listen, learn and exchange experiences and innovative ideas. You’ll have the chance to listen about scaling SaaS and Software businesses from top experts and owners of the top industry companies.

#18 CTA 2019

When: 25 – 26 September 2019

Where: Vancouver, Canada

What to expect:

Organized by Unbounce, this SaaS conference is unique due to its impressive practical approach to the technical topics. Using the insights from top experts and leading companies like Google or Facebook they create a unique offer of highly useful lectures and workshops that will surely provide you with new insight and enhance your view on the SaaS field.

#19 Dreamforce

When: 19-22 November 2019

Where: San Francisco, CA, US

What to expect:

An event brought to life by one of the event marketing masters – Salesforce. Dreamforce is one of the biggest software conferences that provide you with a proper dose of inspiration and substantive tips. Great minds, many innovators and definitely a great space to network and enhance business relationships. Join Salesforce and others during the event.

#20 SaaS North

When: 26-27 November 2019

Where: Ottawa, Canada

What to expect:  

Canada’s best Saas conference fully dedicated to Software as a Service topic. Over 1500 attendees, more than 70 speaker is a guarantee of a well spend time. During SaaS North, you’ll get the chance to encounter +500 companies that can open every SaaS specialist eyes on new solutions and industry novelties.

An Extra to keep in mind for 2020

Extra:  Mobile Growth Summit

When: TBA

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

What to expect:

Despite the 2019 edition of Mobile Growth Summit has already taken place I needed to mention this SaaS conference at the top list. The event provides the best knowledge on how to enhance and grow the technological businesses. Every specialist eventually find his way to the Mobile Growth Summit so keep an eye on the 2020’s dates!

Wrap up

The list presented above is just a short presentation of the SaaS events to attend. While more details are included on the event’s websites, I hope that it makes it easier for you to make the best picks. Remember, choose events wisely to make sure the investment is worth it!