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a person with a magnet

How to transform networking party into an ultimate talent magnet

It is a commonly known fact that the labor market is constantly changing. Times, when an employer was drowning in…
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How to help people in effective networking at the event – case of the Yacht Racing Forum 2017

It is a struggle of many event organizers to help attendees in effective networking at events. Want to know what…
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How to make the most of the events you are attending-01

How to make the most of the events you are attending

Events are a great opportunity to find inspiration, build (business) relations, drive sales. However, just the fact that you are…
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The event attendees engaged in the event.

How to Get Even the Most Passive Attendees to Enjoy Networking

As event managers, we all can agree that, in most cases, networking is the reason most people attend events. However,…
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