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Cover image about top 15 technology events in H2 2018

TOP 15 technology events. Calendar for H2 2018 to satisfy ALL departments and make people want to work in your company

Event is a very positive and popular employer branding tool. It is also a very efficient one. Events have a…
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Cover image for the article about perfect event invitation email

How to write an invitation email to draw hundreds of attendees to your event

Aside from what kind of event you’re creating and how you are creating it, there is one very important factor…
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Top 8 Event Management Mistakes. How to organize an event and fail

“Learn from your mistakes” they say, but we would say “learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own”. While planning…
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How to master event marketing and event promotion – Q&A from OpenReaktor Warsaw

Recently, I participated in Open Reaktor in Warsaw talking about the essence of event marketing and how it is often…
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The best event marketing campaigns

It all started with passing samples of products on the streets... Experimental, engaging marketing has gone from the edge to…
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Investing in events – is it really worth it?

It is hard to disagree that events are an integral part of every organization; they only vary in topic and…
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How to take your event to a higher level with Beacon technology

Technology brings innovation to events, which is crucial if you want your event to be fresh, attractive and memorable for…
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How to Plan Good Brand Events and Kill Bad Marketing

The era of bad marketing is over. Simple as that. Nowadays, marketing departments have access to an incredible amount of…
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